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( — August 19, 2020) — Manhattan, NY — The Law Office of Richard Kenney have updated their personal injury services. The expert Manhattan team pride themselves on getting the best results for clients.

The Law Office of Richard Kenney have updated their personal injury services for clients in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Based in Manhattan, this experienced, client-centered plaintiff’s law firm provide an initial consultation with a guaranteed no win, no fee service.

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The Law Office of Richard Kenney are respected and experienced personal injury lawyers, having represented over one thousand clients throughout every borough in New York City. Each client receives personal service from a nominated attorney, from the initial free consultation, through case preparation, litigation, and verdict.

Their office continues to be open throughout the current crisis with thorough cleaning of office premises and work procedures following CDC recommendations. Face-to-face meetings can still be held if needed but clients can also discuss their case on the telephone or via teleconferencing.

The company website carries a large amount of information on the types of personal injury claims they can successfully pursue. These include dog bites, slips, and falls on ice or unsafe sidewalks.

They also help with more serious cases involving life-changing injury at work, medical malpractice, traffic accidents, fire, or drowning. Once they take a case, The Law Office of Richard Kenney undertake to hire the best investigators and experts to build the most compelling case.

Establishing medical malpractice cases including birth injury are a particular area of expertise. Common examples of medical negligence in this context include brain damage caused by vacuum extractor misuse and forceps misuse, as well as brachial plexus injuries caused using excessive force in handling shoulder dystocia.

Proving medical malpractice requires experienced lawyers to prepare a solid case. Anyone suspecting they are victims of malpractice should schedule a free initial consultation to have their case professionally assessed.

Nursing home neglect is another growing area of service with more and more elderly relatives requiring full—time care. Where there is any suspicion of neglect, these should be reported to a New York nursing home lawyer as soon as possible.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.