Immersive Online Confidence Workshop For High Performing Leaders Launched

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( — August 20, 2020) — An immersive online confidence workshop has been launched aimed at high performers, entrepreneurs and leaders. The event will teach people how to achieve unshakable confidence from the inside out.

A new confidence workshop has been launched aimed at high performing entrepreneurs and leaders. The three-day immersive online event is taking place from the 28th to the 30th of August and ties spirituality, confidence, and action together.

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The newly launched online workshop is called ‘Unleash Your Unshakable Confidence For High Performers’ and is designed to help people reach their full potential, whether they want to be more, do more, have more, or make more.

The immersive experience will focus on the physical body, mindset, emotions, and health to help people achieve balance and harmony within themselves and their spirit. Participants will receive help and support while they assess their work life balance, and what their energy is like in the home or office environment.

Archanaa Shyam provides people with insights into themselves so they can free themselves of the self-imposed belief systems and limitations that are holding them back. As a specialist intuitive visionary strategist, she helps people to unlock their true potential by accessing their inner power, success, and confidence so they can experience calm, balance, and harmony in every aspect of their life.

Participants can expect to gain an insight into what unshakable confidence means and what it might look like for them, as well as the difference between that and being unstoppable. Archanaa says that almost everyone wants to be more confident, regardless of how confident they are.

To Archanaa, this is the definition of unstoppable. People are confident and driven to achieve and gain whatever they desire. But in many ways, unstoppable also means that people are always busy. Whether they are doing something, planning for an event, or thinking ahead. Being busy 24/7 is not good for mental or physical health and can lead to burnout.

Unshakable should be thought of as a pillar, mountain, or tree that weathers any storm and is not affected by things that come and go. Whatever happens, it does not throw the tree off balance. Participants will learn how to harness a rock-solid pillar of confidence regardless of what is happening around them.

A spokesperson said: “This workshop will empower you and give you the confidence to choose how you react to situations that are out of your control, rather than you becoming a puppet in the hands of everything else that is happening around you.”

“The theme is moving from a place of chaos to calm confidence from the inside out,” they added.

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