Womens Post Menopausal Weight Loss Expert Fitness & Nutrition Program Released

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(Newswire.net — August 20, 2020) — Aline P. has released a program designed for women who have gone through menopause called Slim Over 55, which includes exercise and dietary recommendations to help women live healthier lives.

Aline P. has recently developed a new weight loss program aimed specifically at women over the age of 55, called Slim Over 55.

More information about Slim Over 55 can be found at https://localbizpr.com/slim-over-55-review/

Aline Pilani, or Aline P., is a personal trainer and nutritionist with over 10 years of experience studying fitness. She is also known for her other successful program, the Morning Fat Melter DVD. What makes her new program, Slim Over 55, special is it is developed specifically for women who have undergone menopause.

The program carefully considers the bodies of participants, including potential health concerns and changes in mobility. It takes into account the differences in exercise needs for women over 55 compared to the exercise needs of young adults, making the program safe and practical. In addition to weight loss, the program also helps bring participants’ bodies back into hormonal balance.

The Slim Over 55 program also includes a Weight Loss Manual, which acts as a guide on nutrition and dietary instructions for women who have gone through menopause. The manual contains recipes that are easy to make and are designed to burn fat, as well as information on 4 herbs that work to increase a participant’s metabolism and boost energy levels. The manual also includes a list of foods that should be avoided by participants because of the way they make a participant’s body store belly fat.

Finally, the program provides useful information about how women’s bodies change during and after menopause. The program teaches women about how and where the body stores fat after menopause, particularly in the belly and thighs.

“By understanding your body and the changes it experiences, you will know how to better take care of it,” said a review of the Slim Over 55 program.

The review recommends Slim Over 55 for women who have gone through menopause for its weight loss and overall health benefits.

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