Non-Confrontational Police Interview Training No Anxiety Program Launched

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( — August 20, 2020) — A new investigative interview training program has been launched, called The PEACE Interview Method. It’s designed to reduce stress and anxiety while getting proven results.

A new law enforcement interview training program has been launched called the PEACE Interview Method. It was created to be the most effective and accurate style available, and allows the investigative interviewer to gain quality information in a non-confrontational way.

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This system has 25 years of proven results. P stands for planning and preparation, with E representing engaging and explaining. A is account clarification and challenge, while C is closure. Finally, E is evaluation.

The new program teaches law enforcement officers a new approach to interviewing that many officers around the US are already using to conduct predictable, stand-up-in-court interviews.

Officers will find that these interviews are all being carried out without stressful, confrontational tactics. There is a proven, step-by-step process that can be followed to get the best results.

Many police officers feel stressed or anxious about the interviewing process. However, by following this proven method, they are able to get better results without the hassle.

By signing up for the program, officers can learn how to move on from a stressful, confrontational style of interviewing that leads to false confessions, anxiety and legal issues.

Instead, they will be able to adopt a solid and reliable structure that’s predictable and leads to proven results. The program has been devised to directly combat many of the problems that officers experience during the interview process.

For example, research shows that many interviewers struggle with anxiety and pressure prior to their interview. Major pressure is put on them to get a confession, and often there’s a culture of expectation that no confession equals failure.

Compounding this is the fact that officers have had little to no training regarding investigative interviewing. In addition to this, suggestive and coercive techniques of the past are detrimental in court.

Furthermore, since there is no certification or progressive training, officers have no clear idea of how they’re improving – or if they’re improving at all.

All of this can lead to an anxious interview process that causes high levels of stress. However, with the PEACE system, officers can move away from this.

Full details of the program can be found on the URL above.