Texas’ Leading Electricity Pricing Comparison Service Sees Fast Increase in Usage

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(Newswire.net — August 20, 2020) Cedar Park, TX — As a deregulated power market barely connected to the rest of the country’s power grid, electricity providers in Texas are in fierce competition with each other for new customers. With so many special rates, discounts, and other benefits available, it is important for customers to understand all the options available to them. Without services like ElectricityShark.com, it is easy for consumers to miss an opportunity to win huge energy savings for their families.

Using ElectricityShark.com could not be easier. All users need to do is open a web browser, visit https://www.electricityshark.com, and enter their zip code. Immediately, a full range of electricity providers in their market area is displayed across the screen, along with prices per kWh, and contact information for each provider. ElectricityShark.com even offers its users the option of signing up for service online through their own portal.

“Everything about ElectricityShark.com is designed around the user experience,” Jared Glazier, founder, and owner of ElectricityShark.com says. “On the surface, the design is so simple and easy to navigate, but we invested heavily in distilling the huge flow of information pouring into the service into something that is instantly digestible. This way, our users can compare and choose rates at lightning speed.”

Another benefit of using ElectricityShark.com is the peace of mind it offers users who may feel uncomfortable inputting personal information into the website. The website does not harvest personal data from its users. The sole purpose of the business is to connect providers with customers. On top of its slick design and user experience, the transparency of its data policy has also played a large role in the growing popularity of the site.

Those interested in learning more about ElectricityShark.com or using its services should visit the company’s website at https://www.electricityshark.com

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Electricity Shark makes shopping for your perfect electricity plan simple. Find your provider, and set up your account in minutes. Electricity Shark is the Texas leader in comparing electricity plans from available providers in your area, founded to make comparing electricity plans and electricity rates simple, efficient, fast and easy. Our mission is to make it simple for people to compare and choose electricity plans and electricity rates. We are proud to be a trusted resource to shop, compare, and choose electricity plans with ease.


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