San Francisco Venture Capital Private Equity Online Masterclass Launched

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( — August 26, 2020) — San Francisco, CA — San Francisco-based Venture University has launched an online masterclass in venture capital and private equity for students looking to develop their professional skills from home.

San Francisco-based Venture University has launched a new Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) Online program, which is an online masterclass educating people in investment strategy, risk evaluation, and market capitalization.

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The newly launched VC/PE Masterclass is designed for people looking to acquire knowledge of the venture capital and private equity industries in order to advance in this field. During the course, students can develop key industry skills, such as deal sourcing, conducting due diligence, and investment evaluation abilities.

The new online program in Venture Capital and Private Equity is aimed at helping students to become venture partners, fund managers, and associates. The VC/PE Masterclass is an intensive course that can be completed online or in-person, in one of Venture University’s specialized premises in New York City, San Francisco, or Hong Kong. Covering the critical concepts of venture capital and private equity, the course encourages students to engage with case studies and group discussions.

Venture University is the world’s leading investor accelerator for venture capital, private equity, and angel investing. With expertise in professional development, networking, and real-life investment experience, the new online courses at Venture University give students access to exclusive modules in venture capital and private equity without even leaving their homes.

The mentors at Venture University have over 35 years of experience in profitable early investments in companies such as Facebook, Beyond Meat, Uber, Twitter, and Venmo. Through their diverse expertise, the investment mentors can help students to develop their career strategies and access top VC and PE job opportunities.

Venture University estimate that over 66% of their students get jobs in the venture capital and private equity industry within 12 months of graduating.

VU operates in San Francisco, New York City, and Hong Kong, but anyone with internet access can enroll virtually either full-time or part-time in this online program. The course can be completed part time in 11 weeks or full time, in up to 12 months.

A spokesperson for Venture University said “VU’s mission is to curate and develop the top diverse talent for the VC/PE industry and to generate consistent and superior financial returns for investors by powering VU Venture Partners, the most scalable venture capital fund in the world.”

More information on contact details and pricing is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-812-483-3097.