Business Services for Discounted Digital Marketing and Data Gathering Launched

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( — August 21, 2020) — A California-based company launches their signature sourcing solution that allows businesses to find marketing service providers without doing the legwork to help them gather information on their clients and execute digital marketing strategies.

Based in California, Technology Source launches their sourcing solutions to assist businesses interested in boosting their sales through various marketing strategies. Despite the growing demand for marketing providers amid a challenging economic climate, the procurement specialists make sourcing fast and convenient for their clients.

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The company’s newest launch provides easy access to a wide range of tools to help businesses effectively promote their brands and tap their target markets. Technology Source has established partners in the areas of digital marketing, geo fencing, data gathering, website development, competition targeting, wifi intelligence, branding and story development, and website visitor ID.

Through their trademark sourcing-as-a-service solution, the company can help businesses significantly reduce the time spent on finding potential vendors for their marketing needs. Instead of researching and meeting with service providers for months on end, businesses can zero in on a qualified technology partner within a couple of weeks.

In the process, Technology Source’s offering enables their clients to save not only in terms of time and effort, but also the costs associated with sourcing. Their specialists can also work out the best possible pricing with the marketing service providers, allowing businesses to enjoy more savings.

With offices in several US locations and in the UK, Technology Source is dedicated to providing sourcing solutions that deliver faster and better RFP results. Their services are free of charge, giving their clients the opportunity to benefit from a more efficient sourcing process without the cost implications.

As one of the company’s recent customer reviews reads, “The team is really helpful. Every product and service they sell has been tested or vetted by the organization. Love the attention to compliance and the unique technologies they provide. From DaaS, to IaaS, to cybersecurity, to all the digital transformation tools, such a great team of advisors!”

Other than digital marketing, Technology Source’s portfolio of over 500 service providers also encompasses the areas of cloud services, communications, cyber security, energy, infrastructure, internet access, IT services, mobility, and software.

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