La Quinta CA Spinal Decompression Treatment Neck And Back Pain Relief Launched

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( — August 22, 2020) — La Quinta, CA — A new spinal rejuvenation program has been launched in La Quinta CA by The Spinal Injury Center. They offer nonsurgical treatments to help relieve patients of neck and back pain.

Dr Marco Cazares, a chiropractic specialist based in Indio, CA, has launched a new spinal rejuvenation treatment. He and his team at The Spinal Injury Center combine spinal decompression, physical medicine and nutrition in a new approach to preventing further disc degeneration for patients.

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Dr Marco offers a range of high quality specialized chiropractic treatment centered around treating degenerative disc disease. He can help people that have had chronic back pain by finding and treating the source and not the symptoms.

His service extends to patients based in and around La Quinta as well as Palm Desert and Indio. Both Dr Marco and his team do everything that they can to ensure patients are comfortable and get back to peak health faster.

The Spinal Injury Center is dedicated to staying on top of the latest chiropractic tools and treatments to provide patients with the best results. When patients first visit the center they can discuss their ailments and health goals with the Dr. Marco, who will design a bespoke solution to help them improve their health and well being.

The team explains that they strive to give patients the very best chiropractic care available. Their ultimate aim is to improve each patients’ life with specialized and individualized chiropractic care.

Dr Marco can work with patients experiencing tingling in their arms and legs, lower back pain, neck pain, and degenerative disc disease. He also provides treatment for the symptoms of sciatica.

His spinal rejuvenation program is designed to improve the overall health of the spine while healing and freeing the nerve roots. Decompression treatments are nonsurgical and use computerized spinal robotic positional traction to treat worn spinal joints, neck and back pain, and more.

The team states: “The first step toward relief from persistent back, leg, or neck pain is an evaluation by our chiropractor. Our doctor makes a diagnosis after a comprehensive physical exam, a discussion of health history and any helpful diagnostic tests.”

Once the patient has their diagnosis, a custom care plan can be designed to relieve their pain without the use of medication. Typical sessions last around 45 minutes, with a treatment plan taking between four to six weeks.

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