Almost 13k US Citizens Tried to Cross to Canada Illegally Between March and August

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(— August 22, 2020) —  A cable barrier was installed along a section of the border between Washington State and Canada in an effort to curb “dangerous criminal enterprises,” CP24 cited the U.S. Border Patrol.

At the border between Canada and the United States, border guards are setting up a cable barrier that should improve security in both countries the Border Patrol statement reads.

This project deals with security issues related to the vulnerable part of the border that lies between “Border Road” in America and “Avenue Zero” in Canada.

The construction project includes the installation of cable barrier systems along this part of the border. According to Acting Chief Patrol Agent Tony Holladay, this barrier is designed to prevent vehicles from accidentally or intentionally crossing the border and endangering citizens in both countries.

He explained that this protective cable barrier not only protects people in the United States and Canada but also helps secure this part of the border and helps stop illegal vehicle entries in both directions.

At the local level, criminal organizations have used this vulnerable area for drug and human trafficking – he stated.

“Zero Avenue” and “Border Road” have long been easy targets for smugglers who want to cross international borders without going through customs. In one notable case, the first known underground drug-smuggling tunnel was discovered between the United States and Canada in that area, which passed from a hut on the north side to an American house on the other.

The Canadian-American border has been closed for travel that isn’t necessary since March. Restrictions are renewed every month.

Тhe Canadian Border Services Agency, however, reports that the number of Americans trying to enter Canada continues to increase. According to the latest data sent to CTV News, 12,819 American citizens were rejected from the common border between March 22 and August 5.

As of July 31, U.S. citizens can enter Canada, but they must take the most direct route, avoiding national parks and other places for recreation, and report the date of their departure from Canada.