HypeAuditor Has Launched Instagram Competitor Analysis Report

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(Newswire.net — August 25, 2020) — HypeAuditor has launched a new analytics tool that will enable marketers to run influencer marketing campaigns more effectively. 

HypeAuditor is an AI-powered Instagram, TikTok and Youtube analytics tool that helps to get insights about the creator’s audience, increase advertisers’ ROI and safeguard authenticity in influencer marketing. It sets a standard for Instagram analytics by providing the most accurate data. 

Influencer marketing has established itself as an effective tool for brand communication with the audience. 

In simple terms, influencer marketing is delivering a message to the target audience using social media influencers.

The most popular and in-demand platform for influencer marketing is Instagram.

Over 70% of marketers include Instagram in their influencer marketing campaigns.

In 2019 Instagram influencer market has reached 5 billion dollars. 

The main method of influencer advertising on Instagram is buying an ad post from an influencer. Due to Instagram restrictions you cannot put a link in the post text, but you can make a mention of another account.

Usually, such posts with ads are marked with the hashtag #ad or  #advertising and then the brand can further promote them through the Instagram ad account. 

Imagine if you could collect all the posts mentioning your competitors and get a list of the accounts that mentioned them?

With this information, marketers will be able to conduct a full audit of a competitor’s ad campaign, select the creatives and influencers that have shown the highest performance, and plan their campaign to generate more revenue for the brand. 

For that purpose HypeAuditor has launched a research hub. Within the research hub, there is a brand mention report tool that searches by posts and generates a report with all brand mentions.

Based on this data, using artificial intelligence, HypeAuditor provides marketers with additional metrics such as: Earned Media Value, an estimated budget, a breakdown of sponsored, free and likely sponsored posts.

It also analyzes the most successful posts by comments, likes an overall engagement rate and makes a comparison of advertising and regular posts performance. 

Influencer marketing is part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is good because it can be counted. A brand can accurately calculate investment, reach, and estimated sales. 

Research shows that influencer marketing has the highest ROI in Earned Media Value. For 1 dollar invested, you get 7 dollars in Earned Media Value.

But these results can only be achieved with the help of proper tools and good preparing to launch campaigns. 

Brand mention report will help you choose the best methodology: copywriting, creative, competitor’s bloggers and avoid their failures.

With the help of a research hub, all the actions of your competitors will be in front of you at a glance. You will know what audience they are targeting, what hashtags they are using, you will know their approximate budgets and reach. 

Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on social media and marketing.

In a time of disaster, people rely more on social services. People want to stay connected while being asked to maintain social distancing and eliminate loneliness.

The use of social networks is growing, and therefore the amount of advertising money that is being redirected from offline to online is also growing.

Brands and advertisers are searching for the most effective ways to share their message to the masses online. As one of the few viable ways advertisers can connect with audiences online influencer marketing will continue to grow. 

Brand mention reports will help marketers to get an edge over competitors and make their advertising budgets work harder. 

To know more about the research hub and brand mentions report visit HypeAuditor.