Statistics Ring the Alarm Against the Skyrocketing Rates of Diabetes

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( — September 1, 2020) Orlando, FL — Diabetes is one of the most prevalent and incurable conditions worldwide today. By 2045, estimates suggest it could affect 629 million people. Today, there are approximately 425 million individuals with this condition. 

Aside from being highly prevalent, this condition is also one of the top causes of death. As a matter of fact, it leads to 4 million deaths every year. 

Diabetes is not just notoriously feared because of the fact that it has no known cure yet, but also because of the complications it could produce. It is worth mentioning that when managed poorly, it leads to organ damage as well as amputations.

Doctors strongly recommend individuals with this condition should take the measures needed to control the disease. These involved intake of the prescribed medications and following healthy dietary and lifestyle habits. 

It is also worth noting that certain all-natural remedies are found helpful against the condition. One is lion’s mane, which is a therapeutic mushroom being widely investigated by researchers today. 

Lion’s mane is popularized by its disease-fighting potentials. It has neuroprotective, cardiovascular-health enhancing, anti-inflammatory, cognitive-decline-fighting, nerve repairing, blood-pressure lowering, immunity-boosting, cholesterol-regulating, and weight management properties.

Scientists carried out a study involving diabetic and normal mice. It has been found that intake of even low doses of lion’s mane mushroom helped in dramatically lessening levels of blood glucose. 

The investigators have also revealed that the use of this remedy significantly reduced neuropathic pain or nerve pain in rats.

There are various aspects of diabetes that researchers continue to investigate today, and one is its association with inflammation. They particularly theorize that chronic inflammation is one of the contributors of diabetes, and one of the ways to combat the condition is through inflammation management. 

Lion’s mane has been found to have inflammation-fighting benefits, and this is another mechanism it is found to exert in battling with the condition. In producing anti-inflammatory benefits, it may aid in lessening the likelihood of diabetes.

In addition to its diabetes-fighting benefits, the use of this remedy is also linked with other healing benefits. It is even thought to be helpful in fighting many of the world’s most common and chronic ailments. 

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