Online Entrepreneur Expert Marketing Strategist Community Partnership Announced

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The recently announced partnership between Vektor Marketing and Revvenue provides a safe space for entrepreneurs. The online community teaches small businesses how to thrive in a dying economy.

Vektor Marketing has recently announced a partnership with Revvenue Mastermind Community. CEO of Vektor Marketing Josh Jurkovich explained that Revvenue is the ideal community to join if small business owners and entrepreneurs want to thrive during a crisis.

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The recently announced partnership comes in the wake of the current economic climate. With small businesses and entrepreneurs having to scale down or shut their doors, this partnership serves as space for small business owners to gain insight and find new ways to be profitable.

The Revvenue community comprises of very accomplished businessmen and women. These entrepreneurs and small business owners have spent years creating a niche for themselves and own some of the top-grossing businesses in their specific niches.

Some of Revvenue’s members have scaled their businesses up to seven figures in profit while some are well on their way to nine.

One of the marquee presenters in the community, Tim Francis, teaches members how to manage their expenses during a crisis using something called the “Bloat Method.” Members of the community have had great things to say about the strategies that he shared.

One member had this to say, “This lesson was a total game-changer for me! Moving forward I will be auditing my personal expenses with the “Bloat” concept in mind. Thank you.”

The “Bloat Method” also allows members to manage their finances in such a way that they can pay their membership fees with ease.

Another concept that the community explores is how to use new tools to increase sales.

Expert marketer George Bryant gives insight on how he uses the tool Bonjoro to increase his sales. He also offers tips on how other members can use this tool and other similar tools to their advantage.

The Revvenue Community is supposed to be a life-boat for people whose businesses have been severely affected by the pandemic. It is also supposed to help those who have been forced to start a new business because they have lost their job.

Josh Jurkovich hopes that people will join him and the CEO of Revvenue Mike Dillard in this community and benefit from the experience and expertise of its members.

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