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( — August 26, 2020) — An e-book and marketing course collection has recently been released by Shirley Jusino. Both collections feature her expertise on entrepeneurship as a writer and as an educator.

Founder of Academy Pro and best-selling co-author Shirley Jusino has recently released an e-book and marketing course collection. The e-book collection features all of her literary work while the marketing course collection lends her business expertise to entrepreneurs in need.

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The newly released collections come as a result of Shirley’s desire to help small businesses grow. Through many trials and tests, she has developed her marketing skills and writing skills and is now a best-selling author and founder of an online marketing school known as Academy Pro.

Each book in her collection highlights a critical aspect of being a successful entrepreneur. She focuses heavily on self-development and shows the relationship between that and making smart business moves.

As a native of New York with Puerto Rican parents, Shirley’s book, “Business Rules From a Puerto Rican Mafia Princess” has cemented her credibility as a literary business expert. Due to the book’s success, a television show is set to be released shortly. Discussions are currently underway between Ms. Jusino and the producers of the show.

Her business academy offers content on business development through marketing. The courses teach students how to use marketing platforms such as social media, PPC, and Affiliate Marketing to grow their business. There is also a course on how to market a business or brand to local consumers effectively.

The academy also offers additional resources such as info-packed eBooks, HD Videos, Cheat Sheets, Mind Maps, Top Resource Reports, and Free Reports to lend a hands-on approach to the training. Ms. Jusino and her team deliver the content step-by-step with material to assist small business owners at any stage of their business careers.

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Shirley is also passionate about sharing the secrets of her writing style and technique with students of her academy. She desires to help people experience the same kind of success that she has when it comes to writing and selling books.

She is currently set to appear on a Roku TV streaming channel called “The Business Beast” and is working on many other entrepreneurial ventures.

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