Albany GA Expert Business Consulting and Training Company Launched

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Direct-Effect Solutions LLC have launched a new Business management consultant Agency with specialist understanding of SMB’s for leadership growth, helping clients to scale and achieve their revenue goals.

A new Business management consultant Agency, Direct-Effect Solutions LLC, has been launched offering leadership and coaching seminars and workshops for client companies in Georgia. Their interactive scenario-based events are designed to especially benefit small businesses with focused leadership coaching.

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Their services include guidance on effective business plans, making strength, weakness, opportunities and threat (SWOT) analyses that work. Their innovative models can help small businesses stay ahead of their competition and better serve their customers by helping to develop proactive thinking in any business situation.

Direct-Efffect Solutions is a Georgia-based management consulting firm providing method-driven consultancy for commercial, non-profit and government organizations. Their model is designed to develop the analytical and proactive thinking that entrepreneurs require to establish and drive forward their businesses.

Their Small Business Development Program creates long-term value for an organization from analyzing special insights into customers, markets, and relationships. Direct-Effect Solutions has a unique philosophy in helping small business owners achieve their goals.

Each client receives a personality analysis because a small business will reflect the personality and abilities of the founder. Leadership skills that require strengthening will be identified and the company vision confirmed. From this framework a short-term, mid-term and long-term business development plan will be developed.

Effects-based targeting techniques are also used to assist new and developing businesses in making the best decisions in marketing, communications and human resources. Targeting is performed in a four-step process: detect, decide, deliver and assess.

The company’s Executive Leadership Coaching focuses on business leaders as change agents, deploying a lean and focused strategy throughout their organizations. Change Agents must identify value-added steps in a process, minimize or eliminate non-value steps and remove waste. This ensures buy-in happens at every corner of their organizations.

Six Sigma Training programs are central to this innovative approach. The Green Belt Program concentrates on analyzing and solving quality problems.

Successfully developing quality improvement projects demonstrates an understanding of the Six Sigma Training process. The modules also include Black Belt Sigma Training which explores and develops the skills needed to successfully introduce roles and improve profitability.

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