Scientists Suggest Dandelions Are a Strong Cholesterol-Balancing Remedy

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( — September 3, 2020) Orlando, FL — Managing healthy cholesterol levels is one of the most important steps to combat heart disease.

Unfortunately today, there are many people who have high low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol. There are various risk factors of high cholesterol, such as family history and diet.

Doctors have long warned that high cholesterol is a strong risk factor for coronary heart disease. It is further notoriously known to be a cause of heart attacks. 

Aside from consuming unhealthy foods like the processed ones and those with trans fats, there are also medical conditions found to contribute to the condition. These include diabetes, liver or kidney disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, and underactive thyroid gland.

It is worth realizing that cholesterol levels are highly manageable. This is why health authorities continue to recommend some steps to reduce LDL and improve levels of the good cholesterol or HDL.

Certain all-natural remedies like dandelions are found to work wonders in lessening cholesterol. 

This medicinal plant has long been researched on due to its strong medicinal effects. Since it has a strong potential to help in cholesterol management, it could possibly enhance heart health. 

In an animal study, the use of dandelion has led in a dramatic reduction in the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol in mice. A rabbit study has also found that administration of dandelion roots and leaves led in a noticeable reduction in cholesterol levels. 

It is worth noting that this research involved a high-cholesterol diet. More studies are still being carried out to explore the healing goodness of this natural remedy. However, its use is undeniably widespread today and is taken via supplementation.

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