Heart Coherence Alternative Healing Subconscious Change Seminar Launched

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Experienced Energy Healer Christy Mattoon announced that a new Heart Coherence seminar is now available for those looking to get into their heart and train their subconscious mind to eliminate negative thoughts.

Mind Rewire announced the launch of a new online seminar for those looking to learn how to create Heart Coherence. Throughout the seminar, Energy Healer and Coach Christy Mattoon will help students get into their hearts, reprogram their mind, eliminate stress, and get rid of thoughts that keep them thinking about the past. Mattoon helps students reclaim their personal power.

More information can be found at https://mindrewire.mykajabi.com/MindRewire-Heart-Coherence-Training

A person’s subconscious mind has immense power in controlling their life experiences. A persons heart contains all of the keys to rejuvenate and give a person the ability to control their life.The newly launched Heart Coherence seminar at Mind Rewire aims to provide students with the tools and resources that help them be happier and more successful every day.

The subconscious mind is responsible for storing emotional information and directing the majority of one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. That is why it is very important to address the negative thoughts, memories, feelings, and emotions buried deep in the mind before they become symptomatic issues of depression and illness.The heart is responsible for containing the spirit and is a gate way to beyond the space considered our world and the things a person believes about themselves.

During the Heart Coherence, Ladder of Awareness seminar, Christy Mattoon teaches students how to get into the space of the heart, stop subconscious stress and replace it with positive thoughts and ideas and higher level feelings that perpetuate a greater life.. This seminar is ideal for everyone and does not require any previous knowledge of energy healing.

The seminar provides participants with the skills and knowledge to successfully use the technology of their body and Heart Coherence to achieve balance and happiness. Participants will also learn how to stop the issues that they struggle with everyday.

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At Mind Rewire, the mission is to teach people how easy it is to change their subconscious mind. With the recent announcement, Christy Mattoon strives to offer quick, easy and effective strategies that help students create the life that they want.

Christy Mattoon said: “I teach people how to change the landscape of their brain and help them leave behind the past and the emotions that are trapped in their system so they can have optimal health and well-being.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or accessing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlt79aFDM9I and https://mindrewire.mykajabi.com/MindRewire-Heart-Coherence-Training