Purest Vantage DIM May Be a Helpful Prostate Health Aid for Men

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(Newswire.net — September 3, 2020) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more scientists are looking into the effects of natural remedies like DIM when it comes to prostate health. 

According to some researchers, prostate health in men may be protected through decreasing estrogen dominance. It is worth realizing that in middle-aged men, it has been found there is a rise in estrogen and it is becoming an increasing problem. 

Experts further warn that in overweight men, testosterone is easily converted into estrogen, which then builds up in the prostate gland. This has been found to contribute to BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy),and possibly cancer.

DIM has long been studies due to its anti-prostate cancer effects. It has been found to hae inhibitory effects on androgen-mediated pathways. This means that it aids in reducing the multiple testosterone-producing pathways through different mechanisms, and this is due to its bioactivity.

There have been various studies that looked into the prostate health benefits of this natural remedy. It has even been found to aid in slowing the progression of prostate tumor.

Aside from its prostate health benefits, it is worth mentioning that DIM is also being studied for the various healing effects it could potentially offer. There are researchers who suggest it may be beneficial for preventive health purposes.

DIM may be useful in halting diseases before even they start to develop. 

While choosing the right supplement can be challenging considering the wide selection of options available online, there are actually simple ways to land on the right formula. One is to learn if it is equipped with the highest quality ingredients.

It is similarly important to know if the product is made carefully in an FDA-inspected facility in the U.S. It should also be accurately labeled and is free from nasty ingredients. A reputable company called Purest Vantage possesses pretty much all of these qualifications.

The Pure DIM supplement from Purest Vantage could be an excellent choice. It is not just equipped with Diindolylmethane but also BioPerine and Dong Quai. This black pepper extract called BioPerine works by ensuring that DIM is delivered effectively inside the body.

This means that this formula is more effective in providing consumers with adequate amounts of DIM’s healing goodness. It is also worth noting that black pepper has been found by studies to offer a range of health benefits, and this is on top of its bioavailability-enhancing effects. 

What makes it all the more beneficial is that it has Dong Quai that is considered to be a female ginseng. This extra-strength formula is equipped with a potency of 250 mg (http://amazon.com/DIM-Diindolylmethane-250mg-Per-Capsule/dp/B072C46H29).


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