Beverly Hills Real Estate Broker Buyer And Seller Escrow Services Launched

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Experienced real estate broker Alon Darvish of Rexford Realty announced that a new range of no-cost escrow services is now available for buyers and sellers in Beverly Hills, California.

Alon Darvish, owner and real estate broker of Rexford Realty, announced the launch of a new range of no-cost escrow services for clients in Beverly Hills, California and the surrounding community. Mr Darvish has been serving buyers and sellers in real estate transactions for over 16 years.

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Both buyers and sellers need an escrow, an independent neutral account that will protect the interests of all parties to the transaction. The newly launched escrow services at Rexford Realty ensure that all clients get to closing day as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Buying real estate or any high-value property can be a very complicated process. That is why many buyers and real estate investors leverage escrow services to contain possible risks and complications in property purchases and transactions.

When choosing escrow services, the stability, reliability and performance of the company are vital to protect the interests of all parties to the transaction.

Over the years, Alon Darvish of Rexford Realty has helped save thousands of dollars on escrow fees by utilizing his non-independent broker escrow company, Anytime Escrow. Mr Darvish has the knowledge and experience to outperform any other agency and save his clients money.

As an experienced realtor, broker and attorney, Alon Darvish is well trained in real estate procedures, title insurance, taxes, insurance, and many more. His experience with all types of real estate transactions enables him to deliver consistent communication to every party, all while adhering to the strictest of lender instructions.

With the recent announcement, Alon Darvish and his team at Rexford Realty aim to provide clients with safety and peace of mind throughout the entire transaction process.

A satisfied client said: “Mr Darvish helped me out in my time of need. My home was going through foreclosure and he managed to place a stop to the sale, listed my property and found a buyer within days. I’m extremely happy with the way things turned out.”

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