HIKO Nose Thread Lift Treatment In Singapore Released By The Clifford Clinic

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The Clifford Clinic, one of the best medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore, updated its top-rated signature HIKO nose thread lift treatment, which serves to help anyone benefit from a higher nose bridge and sharper nose tip.

The Clifford Clinic, a leading aesthetic clinic in Singapore, recently updated its range of non-invasive nose thread lift treatments. Ultra V Hiko nose thread lift is the clinic’s most popular and highly sought-after nose enhancement treatment.

More information can be found at https://www.singaporeaestheticpractice.com/nose-thread-lift.

The recent update aims to respond to the increased demand for non-surgical cosmetic services. Many people regard a sharp and well-defined nose as the ideal nose. For those who’ve been contemplating to augment or enhance their nose for a while, there’s no longer a need to go under the knife to achieve their dream look. They can now benefit from a higher nose bridge, a sharper and smaller nose tip in just one session.

The Clifford Clinic uses PDO Thread Lift technology for Ultra V Hiko Nose Thread Lift treatment. This material dissolves overtime and is secreted naturally by the body. This is an innovative, non-surgical process of changing the contour of one’s nose, with almost low to minimal downtime.

A nose thread lift is ideal for people who have a slightly off-centered nose, an awkward nose bridge, a nose tip that is too big or with a bad angle, a big nose, or a flattened nose bridge.

Both medical doctors, Dr. Gerard Ee and Dr. Chow are highly respected doctors in the medical field. They serve hundreds of satisfied and happy customers every month.

While some may be concerned about the price or safety of nose threads, over at The Clifford Clinic, patients are assured of the HIKO nose thread lift treatment quality and professionalism of the doctors. In addition, HIKO nose thread lift in the clinic came up as one of the most preferred choices for nose enhancement in Asia, without going for surgery.

The reasons are clear – threads used for the treatment in the clinic are fine and soft, which means they will not penetrate the blood vessels. What this means is that the treatment is generally safe for anyone who’s keen to augment their nose shape, so the risk of blindness is eliminated. There is zero to minimal side effects for nose thread lifts and they are considered safer than fillers.

With regards to longevity, HIKO nose thread lift treatments performed by the doctors at The Clifford Clinic can last anywhere between one to three years.

The Clifford Clinic is the number one preferred choice of medical aesthetics clinic in Singapore for many local celebrities. The clinic is also the pioneer aesthetic clinic in Singapore to bring in the AGNES treatment to treat and cure active acne sufferers. One of the most popular success case studies is that of Sherlene Lian, a beauty blogger who has now also become a Singapore Celebrity Hair and Makeup artist, and an online entrepreneur.

The Clifford Clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments made to improve each patient’s appearance, with the objective of transforming them from the inside out.

Interested patients who are keen to refine and change their nose shape without going under the knife can find out more by visiting the above-mentioned website or accessing https://cliffordclinic.com and https://cliffordclinic.com/face/ultra-v-hiko-nose-threadlift.