Automated Video Multi-Channel Marketing YouTube Non Techie Easy Creator Launched

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A newly launched video creation, editing and production tool for marketers and business owners has been launched. Yive is a marketing platform that automates business content creation.

A new video marketing platform has been launched, called Yive, offering entrepreneurs a powerful video creation and marketing automation solution. It provides a range of tools to help businesses in any niche to tap into the huge YouTube audience, building brand awareness and driving more sales.

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The newly launched tool allows business owners to create versatile and engaging videos for every facet of their company. This includes Amazon product videos for commissions, article videos for website clicks, and informational videos for ad revenue. In addition to this, Yive streamlines the creation of videos for SEO purposes.

Clients are able to utilize the cutting-edge video design software to create and upload video content on autopilot. This reduces stress and hassle associated with time-consuming tasks like video editing and post production.

Videos can be created from an RSS feed, from keywords, or from any URL fed into the system. Users can also create videos based on Amazon Reviews or custom scripts.

The tool allows business owners to dominate their niche backed by unprecedented video production. Users can drive traffic to affiliate campaigns, e-commerce products, websites, YouTube Channels, client platforms, and more.

Powerful automation features work on autopilot so clients can maximize the efficiency of their marketing campaigns. Users can complete a simple form, tell Yive how many videos to make, and the system will work on a 24/7 basis.

Business owners can create campaigns in less than two minutes, and hundreds of videos can be created. It’s ideally suited to new business owners and less experienced marketers, because no editing skills are required.

Users can distribute videos from the same campaign across multiple YouTube channels automatically. RSS feeds can be converted into videos and bulk URL input functionality is also available.

One of the primary benefits is the reporting and analysis feature. Clients can access a dashboard showing all their videos, likes, comments and engagement. Campaign video creation status is also shown in real time for added functionality.

A recent customer said: “As a full-time affiliate YouTuber and a huge fan of mass videos, I was stoked to get my hands on Yive. It’s a total game changer!”

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