Newly Launched Harry Potter, Disney, Netflix Theme Ringtones for Apple iPhone 12

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A new range of popular Apple iPhone ringtones has been launched on iTunes store. Some of the top ringtones include Harry Potter, The Little Mermaid, Deadpool, The Office, and Stranger Things.

Theme Soundtrack Orchestra has launched a new catalog of the most popular ringtones in 2020 on iTunes Store. It provides custom ringtones based on the most popular and beloved movies, TV shows and iconic culture reference points for all iPhone users.

Their latest venture showcasing a range of ringtones includes the top-rated themes on iTunes available for Apple devices now. Here are the top ringtones on iTunes right now:

1. Harry Potter theme ringtone: This ringtone is the iconic theme song “Hedwig’s Theme” from one of the most popular movies Harry Potter. This unforgettable ringtone is at the top of the charts on iTunes for a good reason.

2. The Little Mermaid ringtone: For all the kids and their parents, this is the instrumental music of the song Under the Sea from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. It’s most loved for its peppy music and the reminiscence of old times!

3. Deadpool Marimba Ringtone: A favorite among Marvel fans, this ringtone is at the top of the charts because of its epic remix of marimba and hip hop beats for the song X Gon’ Give It to Ya by DMX from the movie Deadpool.

4. The Office ringtone: This is for all The Office (US TV Series) lovers! Imagining disgruntled office workers every time one answers the phone is just one of the reasons this comical ringtone is a fan favorite.

5. Stranger Things ringtone: Stranger Things theme song actually won an Emmy award in the theme music category! It’s now available as an iPhone ringtone.

They have a huge catalog of other TV and movie theme soundtracks as ringtones on iTunes for all iPhone users. In today’s times, the demand for a custom ringtone has risen with the increase in social circles of individuals. Theme Soundtrack Orchestra cater to this demand for a personalized ringtone by releasing high quality fan favorites on iTunes Store.

The reasons for a personalized ringtone are plentiful. When a user assigns a personal favorite theme music as a ringtone, it breaks the monotony of a regular drudging day. It has been proven that music helps soothe the mind, so listening to a favored or a popular ringtone before answering the phone could help ease the stress of the day.

It is also great to recognize the sound of one’s phone, especially in a crowded place so one doesn’t have to keep checking the phone every time any phone rings. Users who don’t change their ringtones often mistakenly think their phone is ringing when it could be any nearby device. Custom tones are more distinctive, and are also a chance to showcase individual personality.

How to set a ringtone on iPhone? iPhone is notorious for giving less customization options to its users, but changing ringtones is quite easy. Apple provides an inbuilt app, called iTunes Store, for all the user’s music and ringtone needs. The ringtone links above take the user directly to the iTunes Store, where these ringtones can be bought (USD $1.29 only) without any hassles or unwanted software. Or, to browse other ringtones, the user can search the ringtones in the search bar of the Store. Users can search through Hits 2020, Theme Ringtones, Marimba Remix Ringtones, Pop Ringtones, Rock Ringtones etc. They can even check out the alert tones or wake up alarm sounds, some of which can be really rib-tickling funny. iTunes even has its own charts for ringtones which enable the user to browse through the popular and trending ringtones.

Theme Soundtrack Orchestra is home to some of the most popular ringtones on iPhone and makes it easy for customers to find the songs they’re looking for. Now the users don’t have to settle for the standard boring ringtones with no character or appeal. Instead, this is the easiest (and the first) thing to do to personalize an iPhone!