Online Hackathon: Reasons and Benefits

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( — August 31, 2020) — Technology has become advanced and almost everyone is well aware of almost all the emerging advancements which are coming into the picture. It is very important to stay updated and well aware as in this digital world, people with now digital knowledge will be known as obsolete. The same is in the case of recruitment prices. There are so many job givers as well as takers and the challenge is how to choose the best among both. Employers want the best employees and employees are searching for the best organization. The process has been made even simpler with the help of a digital platform.

Nowadays, technology is serving the needs and requirements of both. There are new tools for recruitment which are now used by the organizations to find the best talent that they are searching for. Hackathon involves professionals who are from different backgrounds but they design something innovative. Now, online hackathon is available for the recruiters who can now hire the best employees for their organization. You can conduct hackathons for the purpose of recruitment. 

  • Use it for recruitment purposes: you can plan for a hackathon and can assess various participants on the basis of various skills. Even now you can conduct online hackathons using Mettl’s platform. They are all set to help you in regard. 
  • Encourage more and more candidates: encouraging more applicants will help you to get a better and wider choice in the selection of candidates. All those who are interested can be part of this process. 
  • Assessing results for the candidates: you can assess the various results from which you can get to know what is best for you. They are now following a new way to hire employees. 

There are so many reasons why you should conduct online hackathons. Some of the reasons are discussed as follows:

  • To hire the best among all: with the help of this platform, you can get whatever you are looking for. From this, you can find out the various skills like problem-solving, coding, programming, etc which are essential for your job post. It is the best way to employ people for technical jobs. You can sort out the best coders as well as the best problem solvers from the list of large numbers of people. This technology is already proved to be very useful for employing new talent. 
  • Fresh people with fresh minds: sometimes those who score highest or are the toppers in the degree are not the best ones for the job. Analyzing them on the basis of their marks or grades is not right. You have to start using some other criteria to find out the one who is ambitious and not the one who is a topper. Only fresh minds will lead to innovative ideas. Those who are lazy cannot win your heart. So find ambitious, energetic, innovative minds with the help of this platform. 
  • Involve your present employees: it is not like that you can only involve new candidates in this rather you can also involve the people who are currently working in your organization. They will also get to know about the various new challenges as well as their status. You can also let them face new challenges so that they must improve themselves or try to learn new things to cop up.
  • You can target a campus too: you can target a particular campus in which you are interested. You can find out the new and fresh talent with direct campus recruitment but your method will be different in selecting them. Online hackathons are useful for campus recruitments too.
  • Get judgment of their teamwork: you can also get judgment about their various talents plus about their teamwork as it is just like a group activity. 

There are so many benefits of the online hackathon for every company some of them are discussed as follows:

  • Helps in discovering various problems and needs: with the help of this, your organization can discover so many issues within the organization. You will get to know about the various needs as well as the issues in your organization. This is the best way to know about these internal external issues. 
  • The motivation for the current employees: when those candidates will find out so many issues and solutions for your organization your entire organization will be positively affected. They will also get to know so many things which they can also do and explore. So, it is just like an inspiration for the other members of the organization.
  • Finding out specialists for your job post: all those people who are well knowledgeable and are great learners and ready for the jobs usually visit and participate in hackathons. Online hackathons are now giving ease for both the conductors as well as to the candidates who can easily participate. From the so many applicants who can look for the specialist for your job posts. 
  • Also used as a marketing tool: Hackathon is also used as a tool for marking or enhancing the image of the brands. Any organization irrespective of there can conduct an online hackathon and then they can even improve brand management and marketing of their products or services. 
  • A ground for innovation: they are the ground that offers you a set of innovative ideas that are useful for your organization. They are the stimulators that encourage participants to come up with new solutions as well as innovations. You will judge various candidates with the help of it. They are the tool for the recruitment of the developer’s job or for other technical jobs. 

So, these are the following benefits of the online hackathon for your organization. But along with this, there are so many other reasons why it is gaining importance. You can assess so many employees with the help of this platform all at once. Mettl is offering many options other than multiple-choice questions to assess candidates. You can now choose from case studies, innovative ideathons, etc for assessment. So, now choose the best to select the best.