New York Tax Relief Help Debt Settlement Advice Support Service Launched

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( — September 1, 2020) — Tax Relief Hub, based in New York, has launched a new range of tax debt support services aimed at individuals that need help resolving tax debt over $10,000.

Tax Relief Hub, a New York based tax advice organization, has launched a new range of support services aimed at individuals that need help resolving tax debt over $10,000.

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The newly launched support services are designed to help people struggling with tax debt and expecially those that the IRS has labled non collectable. The service can help those in need of tax relief advice, IRS representation or help with a tax settlement. The expert agents at Tax Relief Hub are trained to guide clients through the process and help them find a way to improve their financial situation.

Every year, thousands of people file for bankruptcy because of overwhelming tax debt. The team at Tax Relief Hub suggest that while bankruptcy is a legitimate method of debt relief, it is extreme and can have long-lasting implications for the client.

Therefore, bankruptcy should be used only as a last resort as it can cause major financial setbacks in the future. Tax Relief Hub helps clients by looking at alternatives such as lowering monthly payments and eliminating tax debt gradually.

Strategy is key in this situation. When clients owe the IRS back taxes, this comes out of their wages. But if clients can make a minimum payment each week, they can prevent the IRS payment from being taken out of their wages. This will have an immediate impact on a monthly budget but gradually the debt situation will improve.

Tax Relief Hub provides clients options. For instance, people who are struggling with tax relief debt could potentially make a deal with the IRS to pay a portion of the outstanding balance, without completely clearing the debt.

Alternatively, some clients may be able to secure a loan from a financial institution. Many banks offer personal loans with reduced interest rates, which can be good if the amount owed is small. Once a person files for bankruptcy, they are likely to face much higher interest rates.

A company spokesperson said: “Many people come to us each year because they are overwhelmed by their tax debt, they can’t sleep because they are so stressed, and they mistakenly think bankruptcy is their only option.”

“We’re here to support and advise people – regardless of their tax debt situation. Our primary goal is to help customers get through this process with their finances and sanity intact. We have a range of options we can discuss and guide them through,” they added.

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