Ken Ando Network Marketing Paid Mentorship & Coaching Program Review Launched

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Offering an unbiased review, a new report presents the truth about the coaching and mentorship affiliate program by Ken Ando. The investigative journalist Jason H. J. Doman shares that the program promises huge earnings but ends up leaving participants broke.

A new report with a thorough review of the recently released mentorship and coaching training program by Ken Ando, called Mentor Me Ken, has been released. The report encourages readers to refrain from purchasing a program that does not deliver. It features undeniable proof: testimonials by course participants and Ken Ando’s mentees, numerous examples, trusted sources that interested parties can use to verify the presented claims and the credibility of the program creator.

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Ken Ando affiliate marketing mentoring program has attracted many aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers and individuals who want to become super affiliates and earn high commissions. Nevertheless, it was revealed that the program ends up being a rip-off. Meanwhile, the promised earnings were found to be unaccurate.

Ken Ando’s coaching program has been reviewed by a seasoned online investigative journalist and marketer. The author takes a stand against practices that fail to deliver. His report shows the ins and outs of the industry and reflect the experience of many Ken Ando’s students.

According to the report, Ken Ando’s claims of earning thousands of dollars in a month as a Blue Diamond Executive affiliate and generating thousands of leads as “Nu Skin” affiliate were exaggerated. As the in-depth findings revealed, these are all attempts to lure and attract new program members. The promised earnings and profits sound and are found to be too good to be true.

Filtered through the author’s expert opinion, the report analyses the program compensation structure and concludes that only 1 percent of the top promoters get access to any earned commissions.

Ken Ando promises to help participants become “Super Affiliates” in just a few months by following the proven marketing strategies from his mentroship program. Those that tried the program found out the system was far more manipulative than their wildest expectations. The author argues that Ken Ando’s coaching program is a failure – a controversial stance that is backed up by facts and memorable testimonials.

The report helps the reader see all too-good-to-be-true promises and red flags. Interested parties can find the review of Ken Ando’s paid membership program by visiting .