Rating of the Largest Excavators in the World

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(Newswire.net — September 2, 2020) — Excavators are earth digging machines that have different purposes. They can be used for digging quarries, holes, as well as for mining. All mechanisms differ not only in technical characteristics but also in size. This top-5 list includes the largest excavators in the entire history of earth digging.

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Top-5 Largest Excavators in the World

  1. Bagger 288

This truly the biggest excavator in the world was built for the mining company Rheinbraun by Krupp in 1978. The customer needed a machine that could work at very great depths. As a result, the cost of the car at that time was $100 million. The excavator extracts so many rocks per day that it would take about 4 thousand KAMAZ trucks to transport them.

  1. Bucyrus RH400

This machine is also known as Big Brutus — one of the world’s most gigantic excavators, created by Bucyrus-Erie. The machine was used for opencast coal mining. Big Brutus was able to mine rocks from a depth of more than 20 meters. Its annual maximum output could be 260 hectares. During the single cycle, the vehicle can immediately fill 3 huge carriages.

  1. Р&Н4100ХРС

This is the largest Russian excavator for mining. The giant machine weighs more than 1.5 tons, and the bucket volume is 57 cubic meters. It can process 200 million tons of rock per year, which can transfer six huge KAMAZ trucks 320 tons each. With the help of an excavator, the company manages to extract up to 15 million tons of coal per year.

  1. Bagger 293

This is one of the largest mining excavators in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The weight of the machine is 14 tons, the height is equal to a thirty-story building, and its length is more than two hundred meters. Bagger 293 was built specifically for quarry digging. A team of five people is working to control the machine. The unit moves at a speed of just over 6 km per hour. In a day of work, Bagger 293 can dig a pit of the football field size.

  1. RH 400

The RH 400 is the largest hydraulic excavator in the world, built by the German company O&K. The weight of the mechanism is about 100 tons, and its power is 3.3 megawatts. The bucket of this model can hold about 50 cubic meters. The RH 400 is ready to work even in very harsh weather conditions thanks to the developed oil heating system. Its engine power is 4500 horsepower, and the fuel tank of the unit is designed for 15 thousand liters of fuel. The cost of one such copy will cost the buyer $14 million.

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