Hawaii Real Estate Home Purchase For Movers PCS Military Services Launched

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Hawaii real estate agent MaryJo McGillicuddy is offering her services to prospective movers to Hawaii. Among them are home purchase assistance, moving your pet to Hawaii and cost-of-living advice.

Real estate agent MaryJo McGillicuddy has announced the availability of her services. The Hawaii realtor aims at assisting individuals, including Permanent Change of Station (PCS) military members, who are moving to Hawaii and looking to buy a home.

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MaryJo understands the challenges that come with buying real estate in Hawaii. As such, her newly announced services entail providing answers about the Hawaii home selling process along with answering questions pertaining to buying a home on the tropical island.

The real estate agent works with Coldwell Banker Realty and is knowledgeable on the intricacies of all the Hawaiian neighborhood features. Given this fact, her services also center around finding the ideal Hawaiian home from the company’s search database. These home searches also provide clients with information about schools in each neighborhood.

MaryJo’s services also cater to pet owners who are moving to Hawaii. The real estate agent provides clients with a helpful guide on how to move their pets to Hawaii.

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According to MaryJo, her experience as a military wife has afforded her the opportunity to PCS with her family and their pets. The agent noted that moving to other places with their pets was a relatively easy process until they moved to Hawaii with two cats. Since the laws regarding pets are stringent, the guide details information on pet quarantine when it comes to moving to the island.

MaryJo’s detailed guide also covers the options that one has of either flying or shipping their pets to the island along with the rules, regulations, and procedures necessary for each. The guidelines and procedures, she noted, are designed to help clients with getting their pets entered safely into Hawaii without quarantine.

Apart from the guide and the general real estate, home-purchase services, MaryJo also provides information to prospective clients on real estate costs and the cost of living in Hawaii. Taxes, food prices, and entertainment are among the concerns addressed.

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