The Texas Company Changing the Reptile Food Industry

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( — September 3, 2020) —

Reptile popularity is beginning to soar to new heights! Years ago, most people used to avoid what they considered to be “scary creatures, but now more and more pet owners are opting for a scaly friend.

This, of course, is great news. However, the reptile industry is still relatively recent and not as developed as that of our spoiled furry compatriots. One of the hardest things to come by is some good quality reptile food. For years, reptile owners have been forced to choose between outdated dried pellets or a shriveled dead mouse. Quite frankly, we can’t blame your pet for going days without eating.

Thankfully, there’s a business in Texas that’s working on changing the game. Find out more about what this amazing company has to offer you!  

How Topflight Dubia Is Changing the Reptile Food Industry

Like we mentioned earlier, the current reptile industry is quite limited in the types of foods you can give your pet. Topflight Dubia, a company created in Texas, has come up with a new way to feed your reptile by using Dubia roaches!

Dubia roaches are the best choice for your pet for several reasons. Here are just a few reasons why you should definitely but some for your pet!

Virtually Odorless

Many reptile owners can remember the (not so) fond smell of cockroaches. It’s enough to make you give them their own personal room in the house to cut down the scent. The good news is that Dubia roaches are virtually odorless, meaning you don’t have to pinch your nose every time you feed your pet.

Various Sizes

You wouldn’t try to feed a baby bearded dragon a humongous cockroach, would you? Thankfully, Topflight Dubia is making sure your pet gets the correct feeding size that it needs and sells Dubian roaches in a number of lengths. You can select from as small as a 1/4 inch roach to as big as 1 inch, with various sizes in between.


Most reptile foods, whether it consists of living prey or dry pellets, have a relatively short life span before their expiration date. This leads pet owners to have to spend money on replacing the food that spoils. However, Dubia roaches can last for an incredibly long time – between 1 to 2 years! Because of this, you can buy your food in bulk and save lots of cash with no fear of spoiling.

Ready to feed your pet the right foods that it needs? Go ahead and buy some Dubia roaches today and make sure your reptile gets to live and grow healthy for a long time to come!

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