The Essence of Dispersion and Payout Rate in Online Pokies

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( — September 3, 2020) — Any novice player will surely be interested in how modern slot machines work. In this article, we will talk about such important characteristics of slot machines as payout rates and dispersion, which will help beginners understand how online pokies manage winnings. After reading it, you will get a complete picture of how to choose the right online slot in terms of potential chances of winning. So, let’s start!

What Is the Payout Rate?

The first feature that you need to consider when choosing among the best legitimate online pokies is the payout rate or, in other words, the mathematical expectation of a win. The payout rate is a certain part of the total bets, which is guaranteed to be returned to the players in the form of winnings. The higher this indicator in a slot machine is – the better for you.

The payout rate for each online slot is different: the most generous machines offer players 95-98% of payouts, but there are also games with payouts below 90%. Now it is easy to calculate that the casino’s share of all bets will be from 2 to 10%. These parameters are set by the manufacturer when developing an online slot and remain unchanged. Another question arises immediately: can the owner of an online casino change the payout rate on one’s own?

This is theoretically possible. However, do not forget that gambling software is periodically checked by independent auditors, and the results are posted on the Internet in public access. It is unlikely that a legal online casino or a world-famous provider will sacrifice their reputation for a couple of extra dollars.

What Is the Dispersion?

One of the most important features that you should pay attention to when choosing a slot is the dispersion. This concept came to gambling from mathematics and shows the degree of deviation from the mathematical expectation. If we translate this definition into the language of gambling, this is the degree of risk when playing a certain online slot.

The lower the dispersion of a slot machine, the more often it will delight players with small payments. For a highly dispersed slot, the opposite is true. If it issues a large jackpot, then you can be sure that the next payout will take place soon.

All online slots can be divided into three categories by the dispersion rate:

  • Low;
  • Medium;
  • High.

The most popular at the moment are slot machines with medium dispersion rates. It should be borne in mind that manufacturers never indicate the dispersion rate, although you can determine it yourself by using the following means:

  • Using pay table;
  • Playing in demo mode;
  • Playing on progressive jackpot slots (always with high dispersion rate).


The main thing is to understand your ultimate goal and evaluate the means available for this. For those with a modest bankroll, we advise paying attention to pokies with low dispersion. By playing these slots, you will get a chance to earn some extra money. Good luck!