Infatuation Instinct Triggers Scripts Mens Emotional Activation Report Launched

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A longtime relationship specialist has developed an infatuation trigger course designed to attract a male partner using scripts based on psychology that can awaken one’s emotional desires.

A relationship expert with a background in applied psychology has launched a multimedia course designed to teach women how to attract a male partner using the principles of infatuation.

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The program, Infatuation Scripts, aims to show women how they can trigger infatuation in men to realize their romantic goals. The course makes use of 96 scripts or phrases that can be used to make a man focus his romantic and sexual desire on the female speaker.

These specially formulated words include “independence” scripts, which can trigger a man’s desire to pursue the speaker; “intrigue” scripts to arouse a man’s curiosity about the speaker; “cliffhanger” scripts that are meant to be spoken at the end of a conversation to make a man want to see the speaker again; and more.

These scripts come in a PDF, with Kindle, Apple Books (iBooks), and audio versions. A video version is also available for visual learners.

The course also comes with several bonus materials, including Make Any Man Yours for Life, Why Men Shut Women Out, and The Commitment Calculator.

Furthermore, customers have the option to enroll in the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series, where they can receive updated scripts monthly.

Infatuation Scripts was developed by Clayton Max, a relationship advice veteran with a background in applied psychology, body language, and acting.

Apart from the phrases, Mr. Max stated that the course teaches women how a man’s infatuation instinct overrides his doubts, the mistakes that can make a man pull away and what to say instead, the reasons men reject their “perfect” woman, and how to make a man certain about commitment.

According to him, these insights and strategies were designed to be done in a position of authenticity, meaning that one would not feel like she is playing games or being manipulative when employing them.

Infatuation Script can be utilized with men who are fearful of commitment or those who have never been in a fully committed relationship before. It can also be used in various stages of the relationship, whether one has just met the person or one is at the end of a relationship and wants to save it.

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