Affiliate Marketing Guide 2020 Strategies Commission Advice Book Launched

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Affiliate marketing expert Dean Holland has published his newest book, which aims to help newcomers to the industry find success with practical advice on current trends and techniques.

Affiliate marketing expert Dean Holland has announced the launch of his new book, The Iceberg Effect, which gives readers practical advice on a new method of affiliate marketing for the current business landscape. The newly published book is aimed towards helping beginners start making their first commissions in affiliate marketing.

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The newly published book by Dean Holland has been developed with the current 2020 market in mind and considers the recent changes that have affected the affiliate marketing industry. The changes in the market mean that methods that were traditionally profitable in affiliate marketing are now dominated by certain groups.

Traditional affiliate marketing strategies involved the promotion of digital products that returned small commissions, meaning a large number of sales were needed to make a profit. The Iceberg Effect explains that due to an increase in affiliate marketers who specialize in certain areas, reaching high sales on a small commission product is increasingly more difficult for beginners.

The Iceberg Effect offers readers a new method for affiliate marketing, which focuses on large ticket sales and automated sales funnels. The book details the use of strategies such as lead magnets, frontend offers, upsells, and premium offers to help affiliate marketers progress their customers through a sales funnel and towards more profitable commissions.

Dean Holland’s book also aims to give beginners the information they need to start their affiliate marketing business by informing them of common mistakes and errors people make when starting in the industry. Furthermore, it can be used as a guide to steer people in the right direction in their affiliate marketing career.

The Iceberg Effect is currently available free for customers and includes an audio version read by the author himself. Additionally, the book has been endorsed by Russell Brunson from Clickfunnels.

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