How To Become Your Own Registered Agent in Nevada?

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( — September 4, 2020) — In Nevada, you need a registered agent to act as the main point of contact with the state for your business. Your appointed registered agent receives the tax notifications and compliance information sent to your LLC. They are also responsible for receiving any lawsuits, or service of notice of your LLC is ever sued. 

Becoming your own registered agent in Nevada

Most states in the U.S. allow business owners to act as a registered agent. 

Can you become a registered agent for your LLC in Nevada? 

If you do not want the added expense of appointing a professional registered agent in Nevada, then yes, it is possible to act as your LLC’s registered agent. You can also appoint another member of your LLC, a member of your family or friend. 

Are there any restrictions on electing yourself or someone close to you in Nevada? 

Nevada has the same restrictions as most other states when it comes to appointing someone other than a professional registered agent. The person must have a physical address in the state where they conduct their business, must always be available at the address during normal business hours to collect any papers and be 18 years or older. 

Can you change a registered agent in Nevada? 

When you form your LLC in Nevada, you must supply the state with your registered agent’s address. You may have started as your own registered agent but may later prove to be too time-consuming as you try to keep up with the paperwork and run your business. 

If you decide to change to a professional registered agent, you must download a statement of change form. You must also get a signed consent from the new registered agent you decide on. Once the statement of change form is completed, they must both be filed physically with the Secretary of State. You will also pay a $60 filing fee for the change. 

Pros and Cons of a professional registered agent in Nevada

There are more pros than cons to using a professional registered agent in Nevada. 

What are the pros? 

The pros include privacy, reliability, and convenience.  

Your address is not listed on public records

If you operate a business from your home, you won’t want its address to appear on the public record. The address of your chosen registered agent is what you file with your business formation and this is where all your business notifications will go. 

If your business is ever sued, the service of process or legal summons will go to the registered agent and they will notify you discreetly. You will never be served in front of family, employees, or customers. 

You can keep a more flexible schedule

Having someone else responsible for receiving your business correspondence means that you will be able to move around more freely to run your business. The registered agents you have appointed are always at their office during normal business hours to receive any notifications. 

You will never miss an important date

One of the biggest responsibilities is to ensure your business remains compliant and does not miss any tax filings. A professional registered agent will notify you of all correspondence received and by when payments and filings must be met. This gives you peace of mind as you concentrate on running and growing your business. 

Additionally, registered agents keep copies of all paperwork online for easier access and you never have to worry anything will get lost or stolen. 

Business expansion does not mean loss of coverage

As your business grows, you may decide to expand to another state. A national registered agent will be able to continue providing its services to your business once it becomes a foreign LLC. 

What are the cons? 

The only con to hiring a registered agent in any state is you must pay them a fee. Depending on the company you choose to form your LLC with; you may even get the first year for free, and thereafter, depending on the package that meets your business needs, it can cost up to a few hundred dollars a year. 

A Nevada registered agent offers your business more pros than cons. Read more about the services offered by a professional registered agent in Nevada.