Research Now Warns Against Link Between Cleaning Products and Poor Lung Function

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( — September 14, 2020) Orlando, FL — Multiple research studies have long been warning against the undesirable health consequences of toxins and chemicals, which can be found inside household including cleaning products.

A study was published online in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

In this research, it has been found that those who use cleaning sprays regularly or who work as cleaners seem to be more susceptible to a greater decline in lung function over time, compared to those who do not clean.  

Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway carried out this study called “Cleaning at Home and at Work in Relation to Lung Function Decline and Airway Obstruction.” 

In this research, the investigators looked into data from 6,235 participants in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey.

According to Cecile Svanes, senior study author, while the short-term effects of cleaning chemicals on asthma are becoming increasingly well documented, we lack knowledge of the long-term impact.

Svanes is a professor at the university’s Centre for International Health. 

“We feared that such chemicals, by steadily causing a little damage to the airways day after day, year after year, might accelerate the rate of lung function decline that occurs with age,” she adds.

It is undeniably vital to take the measures scientifically proven helpful in protecting and enhancing lung health. It is worth realizing that in addition to regular exercise, good diet, and avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals, the use of some spices may also help.

Turmeric is one of these spices, and it has been found to deliver a range of therapeutic properties. It is important to mention that this spice contains curcumin, which has strong inflammation-fighting properties.

Experts have long warned that severe cases of inflammation usually occur in the lungs. When this happens, it leads to respiratory health issues. There are various triggers of inflammation in the lungs, and they are toxins, injury, infections, and allergens.

The good news is that the curcumin found in turmeric can take care of the lungs through the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents it contains. It is further worth realizing that this natural remedy has been found useful in battling asthma as well as lung irritation.

What makes it all the more beneficial is that it may work wonders in fighting chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). 

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