UK School Kids Face Masks Personalised With Custom Motif And Name Tag Launched

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It’s Handmade has launched an online range of bespoke face protection masks in the UK, which can be personalised with embroidered motifs and name tags, ideal for school children returning in September

Following the announcement from a primary school in England that its pupils will have to wear face masks when they return in September, UK-based e-commerce store It’s Handmade has launched a range of affordable face coverings that can be customised with a motif or name — acting as a personalised touch and as a practical name tag, should the mask get misplaced at school.

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UK government guidelines state that shoppers and those using public transport must wear a face mask at all times or risk a fine, while children under the age of 11 are exempt. However, the Premier Academy’s Eaton Mill Primary School in Buckinghamshire has announced it will make wearing a face mask mandatory for its pupils, parents and all staff when term starts.

According to teachers’ unions, it’s likely that other schools will follow suit before term begins, and families can find a range of protective face masks from It’s Handmade. To make this transition back to the classroom more appealing, each mask can be personalised with a hand-stitched embroidered design or name, adding a personal element, ideal for general daily wear, or as a gift.

All of the company’s masks are made by hand in England, and are reusable, washable and available in a number of colours and custom embroidered designs.

Masks from the collection are designed with quality, comfort, hygiene and affordability in mind, protecting wearers from airborne germs and dust inhalation. Each mask features a double layer of material made from cotton and elastance, which is specially formulated to adapt to the wearer’s face, and elastic ear loops designed to keep the mask in place comfortably all day.

The masks are manufatured using innovative technologies and materials, including an outer layer of fabric finished with a Silvadur™ Flex Antimicrobial coating, to prevent odours and general wear and tear, while the mouthpiece has a Zelan™ R3 renewably-sourced finish, which adds a non-fluorinated, plant-based water-repellent treatment to the mask for long-lasting durability.

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