Ventura CA Bankruptcy Attorney Announces Personal Debt Elimination Service

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Ventura CA bankruptcy attorney Eric Ridley has launched bankruptcy services for residents and business owners in Ventura County. Confidential complimentary consultations are now being booked.

The Law Offices of Eric Ridley has launched affordable bankruptcy attorney services for the residents and businesses of Ventura, California. Ventura, CA is also known as San Buenaventura, and is the main city in Ventura County. This local Ventura bankruptcy attorney is now scheduling confidential consultations for people in Ventura County who are facing overwhelming debt and bankruptcy.

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The launch of bankruptcy law by this Ventura Bankruptcy lawyer was prompted because the office began receiving calls from residents and business owners across Ventura County who are facing bankruptcy due to the pandemic. Restaurants, salons, gyms, automobile dealers, and employees across Ventura have been contacting Ventura bankruptcy attorney Eric Ridley for help in dealing with their financial issues.

Low cost bankruptcy attorneys like personal bankruptcy attorney Eric Ridley, can immediately stop wage garnishment, stop foreclosure, and stop collection agency calls and other harassment immediately, providing peace of mind to already-stressed debtors.

Attorney Ridley points out that he is a locally based lawyer in Ventura, CA, and not an out-of-town attorney. He has been rated one of the best bankruptcy attorney in Oxnard, CA. He feels that residents of Ventura, CA should contact a local attorney and not one based in the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles, that is unfamiliar with the legal idiosyncrasies of Ventura County.

Eric Ridley’s main bankruptcy court is the Northern Division of the Central District of California. The Northern Division serves residents of Ventura County, including the city of Ventura and parts north, all the way up to Santa Maria.

His knowledge of the Ventura Economy is extensive and includes The Point, Hollywood Beach, Ondulando, and the Avenue. He is familiar with the city’s largest employers, including Patagonia and Community Memorial Hospital. Many of the smaller employers and family businesses are part of his clientele.

He states, “I am a bankruptcy attorney in Ventura, CA, and I serve clients to get debt relief throughout Ventura County. I make it my mission to help my clients pursue relief from their debts and to make a fresh start financially, and I am ready to help, with reasonable bankruptcy attorney fees.”

The launch of bankruptcy services by this local Ventura office (bankruptcy attorney Camarillo) will give debt relief to the residents and business owners throughout Ventura County.

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