How One Homework Help App Is Winning Over Students Globally

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( — September 11, 2020) — With school starting up all across the world, things are looking a little different with more virtual based education being the primary focus for most students. But even before the pandemic, education was turning towards a more virtual approach more often than it ever has in the past. With students often selecting to attend online courses and work with online tutors, it’s no surprise that they’ve adapted so well to moving more towards online options when it comes to their education.

One app that is making huge waves in the EdTech industry is Conects Q&A, a homework help app that has been exploding in app markets around the world. Conects Q&A provides almost instant answers to problems students are working on, along with providing them with an expert tutor to help them with the problem in real-time if they have follow-up questions. This type of online tutoring is becoming more commonly accepted not only with students but also with their educators. Being able to access instant help at the fingertips of students when needed is the future of education, and Conects Q&A does this better than any other app available.

Even though there are some more well-known options out there for online, or app-based, homework help including companies like Chegg Study and Course Hero, Conects Q&A continues to grow despite being less than a year old. Conects Q&A has been able to keep up with the companies that have been around for a long time due to their innovation, quality, speed, and pricing. In addition, Conects Q&A is committed to the satisfaction of their users and asks users to give star ratings after getting answers from their expert tutors. On average, Conects Q&A members have given a satisfaction score of 4.71 out of 5. Even for the most loved apps, this high satisfaction score can be difficult to achieve and it’s gaining them quite the reputation among students and educators. It’s just another piece of proof that Conects Q&A is taking the global TechEd world by storm and quickly outdoing their competition. 

But who is behind Conects Q&A, and how did this app get it’s started? Conects Q&A’s parent company, ST Unitas, is a global, award-winning EdTech company that quickie grew and continues to make a name for themselves. ST Unitas was established as ST & Company in 2010 and grew quickly from its start of 20 employees to over 1,200 employees in 2016. In addition, their sales as a company grew to over $331 million by 2016. During that time they accomplished a lot from acquiring SKYEDU (University Entrance Exam) to being named “Best Company to Work” For in 2014 and 2015. 

ST & Company’s name was changed to ST Unitas in 2016 and after that, in 2017, they accomplished one of their most notable successes when they acquired The Princeton Review. Every year The Princeton Review helps millions of college students achieve educational goals. It’s the perfect addition to the ST Unitas company who continues to take over the EdTech industry.

Conects Q&A was recently launched in March 2020 by ST Unitas and has quickly grown to over 8.5 million downloads in just a few short months. Conects Q&A has the highest rank on Google Play Store as the #1 app on the education charts in 12 countries including the United States, Australia, and Canada. 

The vision statement of ST Unitas states that they want to “provide the same education opportunities of the blessed 1% to the underprivileged 99%.” As they continue to grow with apps like Conects Q&A, which makes expert homework help and tutoring accessible to anyone with a phone on any budget, ST Unitas is keeping that promise. Conects Q&A, and their parent company, ST Unitas will no doubt continue to grow as the need for virtual homework help and tutoring grows. And it will grow as Gen Z, and the generations after them, prove that education and technology can not only exist together but help students to thrive.