New York Marketing Insights Unified Analytics Digital Spend Analysis Launched

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A new marketing analytics tool has been launched by Bowery Analytics, the New York-based specialist. They offer marketing insights as a service through an all-in-one integrated dashboard.

Bowery Analytics, the New York-based marketing and data analysis company, has launched a new service for marketing agencies and independent marketers. Their latest product, MetriX, is designed to be an all-in-one analytics solution to manage spend and effectiveness without hiring an in-house team.

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The team explains that their MetriX solution is the latest in their ongoing commitment to high quality analytics services. Bowery Analytics provides marketing analytics as a service, with a focus on managing unified analytics while driving business intelligence. They can also provide an analyst to partner with the client’s marketing team.

A primary advantage of this newly launched service is that it allows the marketing team to focus on the work while the analyst delivers dashboards and insights. They can also discuss their impact and make recommendations on how better to optimize future results.

MetriX provides marketing insights as a service, allowing business owners to experience high-level analytical functionality across their digital presence. The aim is to ensure an all-in-one platform that streamlines the analytical process.

Bowery Analytics explains that 95% of their clients increased revenue within the first three months of working with them. Furthermore, 90% of clients were able to reduce their cost of acquisition.

MetriX can help clients to identify their top-performing marketing channels. This allows them to gain more in-depth insight into where their customers come from through utilizing bespoke attribution algorithms.

Through expert-guided audience insights and micro segmentation, clients are able to dive deeper into user behavior and identify similar customers. This allows them to run better email campaigns based on behavior patterns.

For those with questions, queries or concerns, MetriX has an inbuilt messaging system to provide guidance on specific KPIs. This allows for quick access to conversations in context for a faster solution.

The company states: “Our prebuilt connectors and integrations helps you get started in no time. Out the box reports and dashboards will help you get back to focusing on your business. Get started with Facebook, Google Paid Ads, Bing on day one and add additional integration as you go along.”

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