How to Pick the Best Platform for Digital Press Release Submission?

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( — September 13, 2020) — Press releases are an ever-green methodology utilized by marketing departments to distribute any news related to an organization or event. Now that every industry has shifted towards the digital platform, press releases have become a part of it as well. In comparison to old days, press releases are not dispatched in hardback paper. Rather they are written on Microsoft Word and then shared with multiple people via email. Apart from emails, another method of submitting press releases is by publishing them on multiple online news platforms. Scrolling through different articles on these platforms, certain press releases can catch the eye of a journalist which helps them out in picking their next best story.

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Digital press release submission is not a complex notion to understand. If the option of Emailing media contacts is not an option, then the first thing that comes to mind is picking a platform which is to be employed for the submission and distribution purpose. A few considerations must be kept in mind before picking this platform. Each platform has their own digital press release submission process which is thoroughly explained when the services of a platform are acquired. The purpose of this article is to understand different factors a marketing manager must keep in their hindsight before finalizing a deal with a platform for digital press release submission.

1.       How many press releases will the company publish?

This may seem like a trivial question to ask but a marketing manager must understand the number of press releases that their organization needs to publish. If there are only one or two press releases every few months that need to be published and distributed, then a different package needs to be considered. On the other hand, there are some organizations which publish their press releases on a regular basis. Bulk packages at good rates should be explored by different digital press release distribution companies visit here.

There are hundreds of options available for a manager to choose from which is why in-depth analysis must be done of different services. By keeping in mind the number of press releases that are to be published, marketing managers can pick the most suitable option that is available to them.

2.       What unique qualities does the platform provide?

These days almost everyone knows how to send a press release via email. Everybody can post a press release on the blog page of their website and share it on multiple social media platforms. This is why when a marketing manager opts for press release marketing as the option of purchasing the services for digital press release submission and distribution, they must have a clear list of things which are provided by the press release services provider and how they will add value to the press release.

For example, if your organization needs to improve their SEO, then by submitting a proper press release on an online platform, not only will the world be informed about the happenings of the organization but the optimization through keywords will also skyrocket. In this scenario, a person must consider those service providers who guarantee an improvement in SEO.

3.       Does its cost fit my budget?

Budgets can be tricky especially when it comes to spending within the marketing departments. Some of these press release submission services can be extremely costly. This is why it is best to do a thorough analysis about whether that option for distribution services is viable or not. Always make a comparison between different service providers on the basis of cost and the services which they provide. Through it, it becomes extremely easy for a manager to understand which services fit within the budget and which ones to opt for.


Considering these simple factors when it comes to digital press release submission and distribution can help marketing managers understand which services they should opt for. By knowing how many press releases they plan to submit, a lot of complications can be avoided when the time comes to pick a press release package. Managers need to understand that having a clear picture of marketing strategy can further help out in picking the most suitable service and gain maximum ROI within no time.