Cool Features for Your Next Washer/Dryer

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The appliance industry is making technological strides. Now could be the time to upgrade your washer/dryer to get the coolest features and cleanest clothes!

The entire appliance industry is focused on finding interesting new ways to distinguish between products, and washer/dryer features are leading the way! If it’s been a while since you purchased your washer, now could be the time to upgrade for the coolest features and cleanest clothes. Check out these sweet washing machine features:

Reload Function

Oh no! You started the wash cycle and found another pile of clothes that need to be washed. Your old machine makes you wait for the cycle to end. But Reload is MUCH more convenient and efficient. With the push of a button, the Reload feature allows your machine to pause and drain the water so you can open the door and add more clothes!

Air Dry Function

As washing machines get smarter, they are helping to ease the load on your dryer. With the Air Dry function, your washer acts like a tumble dryer to remove excess moisture from your clothes to shorten drying times. This is a big help in drying bulky items while saving money on your energy bills with shorter drying times.

Smart Rinse

In the age of smart laundry, Smart Rinse allows you to control the water level so you can use as much, or as little, water as is needed for every load. If you need extra rinsing for family members with sensitive skin, you can add more water. Want to use less water to save the environment? Minimize the water used during the rinse cycle. What a great combination!

Wash Setting Memory

We use the term “smart laundry” because now your machine can remember the settings you prefer from load to load, which can be a real time-saver. Some machines even allow you to save your favorite settings!

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