Lafayette CA Aquatic Ponds Lakes Cattail Control Removal Expert Service Launched

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Lafayette, California DK Environmental aquatic maintenance company contactable on 925-935-4200 has launched their professional cattail removal and control management services for ponds, canals, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers in Lafayette, San Diego and other neighboring regions.

An aquatic maintenance company, DK Environmental, has announced the launch of its professional cattail removal and control management services for canals, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and rivers in San Diego, and neighboring areas.

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DK Environmental, an aquatic maintenance company in Lafayette, has launched its latest cattail removal and control management services to keep numerous bodies of water in San Diego clean and safe. It specializes in using environmentally safe methods to remove any excessive aquatic life that can negatively affect the ecology waterways.

This full-service aquatic maintenance company has over 35 years of experience in managing and enhancing a variety of aquatic environments. It can remove and treat any serious cattail overgrowth issue that affects rivers, ponds, reservoirs, canals, and lakes. It can also provide other aquatic management services like dredging, sediment removal, and wetland construction.

Cattails are aquatic plants that are commonly found in fish ponds, lakes, streams, canals, navigation channels, stormwater basins and channels, wetlands, and lagoons. Excessive growth of cattails can cause a range of problems like unpleasant odors, decreased fish stocks, blockage of waterways, flood damage, motorboat damage, and impairment of water quality.

Founded in 1996 by Dave McNabb, DK Environmental is one of California’s most knowledgeable cattail removal and control management service providers. It provides restoration and continued maintenance services to both commercial and private aquatic projects in California and Los Angeles.

The company has a fleet of amphibious Aquamogs DK that can access any kind of water body system to remove a variety of aquatic weeds like water iris, bulrush, tule, water-borne algae, and cattails.

This aquatic maintenance business also specializes in removing toxins and pollutants from the water to keep it free from pests and allow for proper fish development. The company uses state of the art amphibious excavators with mowers to effectively manage numerous bodies of water, including private lakes and golf course ponds.

Interested clients looking to get rid of cattails in San Diego can contact DK Environmental to make an appointment.

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