U.S. Studies Suggest Lion’s Mane May Have Strong Heart Health Benefits

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(Newswire.net — September 24, 2020) Orlando, FL — Heart disease is undeniably a fatal condition, especially when it is not managed well. The good news is that such a prevalent condition is preventable, and may also be controlled through easy steps. 

According to experts, there are actually several factors that influence one’s risk of having heart disease. Some of these risk factors are age, lifestyle, and family history.

Statistics reveal that around half of all Americans or 47 percent have at least 1 of 3 key risk factors for heart disease. These are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking.

It is important to realize that certain risk factors of this condition are uncontrollable. However, one that can be managed is obesity, which pertains to excess body fat. It is important to realize that obesity in turn could increase the odds of diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.

It is worth realizing that measures can be taken to protect and improve heart health and protection. These steps particularly include following a healthy diet, and this means consuming more fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains.

Experts also strongly recommend exercising on a regular basis. This helps improve the function and protection of the heart.

Interestingly, certain natural remedies are being widely researched nowadays due to their heart health potentials.

In various research studies, scientists suggest that lion’s mane worked in producing a number of health benefits. It has even been found to work in fighting the risk factors of heart disease.

These particularly include balancing levels of cholesterol and enhancing body circulation. 

Scientists carried out a study involving mouse subjects and found that consumption of lion’s mane extracts lessened total cholesterol levels. What makes the results even more interesting is that the use of this remedy also improved LDL variety and triglyceride levels.

In the same study, it also increase levels of good or HDL cholesterol levels.

There are actually many research studies revealing the amazing health benefits of this remedy especially for the heart. 

Researchers even reveal that it worked in systematically enhancing fat metabolism. It has even been able to reduce levels of triglyceride by 27 percent and reduced weight by 42 percent after 28 days of therapy. 

It can be particularly helpful for the heart as it enhances circulation. This is due to its ability to inhibit platelet aggregation, and prevent the thickening of arteries characteristic of atherosclerosis.

There are many other health benefits offered by this remedy. It exerts neuroprotective, cardiovascular-health enhancing, anti-inflammatory, cognitive-decline-fighting, nerve repairing, blood-pressure lowering, immunity-boosting, cholesterol-regulating, and weight management properties.

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