Jacques Poujade Shares: Home Renovations to Fit The ‘New Normal’

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Have you been struggling with the ‘new normal’? While there’s no denying that the pandemic has caused us all to rethink how we might have once worked, there are ways to adapt that we might have never considered before. In fact, with the right mindset, this new way of work might actually catapult our business to heights we may have never dreamed of before.

As an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and managing partner of LendPlus, Jacques Poujade knows the importance of adapting to your environment. Figuratively and literally. That’s why Jacques Poujade is sharing his home renovations to fit the ‘new normal’,

Office Space

Have you found yourself working from your dining room table? If so, you’re not alone. 

While many were forced to transition to remote work, few had the proper office space for their variety of monitors, filing cabinets, and other office supplies. Due to many companies taking their workforce online for the foreseeable future and many talking permanent changes, it’s the perfect time to consider installing a permanent office space. 

Even if it’s just a corner, if you’re feeling stressed by the monitor on your kitchen counter or the router hanging around near your bed, make sure that you’re able to work in a space that is independent from where you live as much as possible.

Relaxation Area

Going hand in hand with having your own office space, it’s important to have a space for relaxation, as well. Have you found it more difficult to decompress at the end of the day as your tablet continues to light up with work notifications? 

Keeping things out of sight, out of mind, is key to successfully replacing in your shared work/live space during this time. It’s important to ensure that you’re doing everything to keep your relaxing space just that, a comfortable palce to decompress. 

This can be done by ensuring that you are not working in that space and even adding to it as needed whether that means a sound machine, aromatherapy, or any other piece to separate it even more so from your work space.

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Outside Space

Have you found that you’re getting out and into the sun less frequently than you once did? Chances are that you haven’t seen the sun as much as you once did when you were driving into work, walking around on lunch, and the like. 

If you are lucky enough to have an outside space, treat it to a renovation and spend more time out there. You’ll be surprised at how exciting such a small change can be for your mental state.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, it’s important that you understand how to treat your space as two separate entities and reallocate your resources accordingly. It’s important at this time that you’re happy in and proud of your space and reallocating your budget to afford that house plant you’ve been wanting or candle you’ve been eyeing is more important than ever for your mental wellbeing.

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