Common Uses for Flatbed Transportation

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( — September 18, 2020) — Flatbed transportation is the go-to in a variety of industries. Without them, many major projects couldn’t get done.

According to the experts at Hale Trailer, “Flatbeds are a great, essential trailer without sides or a roof, commonly used for standard size loads.” Flatbed cargo gets loaded from sides and tops. Its surface and large space allows greater versatility than other modes used for heavy hauling. Flatbeds have no walls or ceilings. This feature lets them move the largest and most unusual pieces. These transports are excellent solutions when you need to get from point A to B with loads that won’t fit neatly into box trailers.

Any attempt to list the many uses for flatbed trucks would take a minute. The solution can manage so many different types of loads. But we can give you an idea of what these vehicles are capable of and how vital they are to productions. Following are some of the most common uses for flatbed transportation.

Building and Construction

The construction industry relies heavily on flatbeds for moving their materials. This includes projects which range from building skyscrapers to repairing bridges. On the highways you’ll see flatbeds loaded with steel beams, scaffolding, bricks, concrete and lumber. Flatbeds move not just heavy construction materials but cranes, giant rollers, excavators and other large machines.

Baled Tires

Tire bales are deployed to eliminate waste created by tires no longer in use. Millions of old tires get stockpiled annually. These fire hazards are also homes to insects and vermin. Tires get banded with wire and compressed. They are then loaded on flatbed trucks and transported for repurposing. Flatbeds are ideal for this as a single tire bale can weigh close to a ton.


Average bed lengths on these transporters are 12 to 20 feet. That makes them perfect for this particular industry. Landscaping materials can come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. This includes equipment, mature trees, lumber and tools. Flatbeds work in this field because they allow transport that accommodates the material. For instance, mature trees need to be transported upright to avoid damage. This mode of transport isn’t possible for an enclosed transport.


Ranchers and farmers have plenty of uses for flatbed transportation. Flatbed trucks can easily manage loads of feed and grain, as well as farming equipment. Terrain in rural areas, which impact typical closed vehicles, will have none on flatbeds which run a double tire configuration.

Courier Services

Courier companies use flatbed trucks on the regular for delivering products around the country. Cars and boats are just two items that you’ll find atop a flatbed. There is also heavy machinery and parts that are oddly shaped and won’t go into a typical transport vehicle. Some cargo cannot be transported by ocean freight or aircraft. The courier service turns to flatbeds to complete the consumer transaction.

Flatbeds are instrumental in everything from towing to agriculture and manufacturing production. Highly versatile, there are many productions that would never get started or finished without them. If you have heavy loads that need efficient hauling, you couldn’t do better than turning to flatbed trailer rentals.