Sending Messages to Your Customers Quickly and Efficiently

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( — September 18, 2020) — If you want to improve your marketing procedures, you should consider taking a look at SMS marketing. Through SMS text messages, you can reach people in a way that is more direct and relevant to their lives. The more you target your SMS campaign, the more meaningful connections you’ll make with customers.

Tips For Writing SMS Copy

To write a copy that is effective, make sure you do not talk down to your readership. Additionally, you should adopt a personable tone that feels safe and non-threatening. The right attitude can do a lot to ensure your messaging campaign maintains a receptive audience. Many successful SMS campaigns encourage customers to share messages with friends and family members. For more effective text messaging, make sure you offer plenty of exclusive promotions, coupons and special offers. These offers should be different from any offers you make through other marketing channels. This can help you build excitement around your SMS campaign. Group messaging is another good way to spread news of your special promotions.

The Future Of Commercial SMS

Over the course of the next few years, it is almost certain that SMS marketing will become even more important. As smartphones continue to become more affordable, smartphone ownership should reach maximum saturation in every demographic. When it comes to writing high-quality business messages, you should use a different approach than you use when writing marketing emails. Generally speaking, people expect emails to be relatively formal and lengthy. In contrast, most people expect text messages to be shorter and more conversational. It’s important to keep text messages short and to the point.

Important Facts About SMS Campaigns

Whether you operate a small business, NGO or charity, text messaging can help you present yourself in the best possible light. For commercial texts, it’s ideal to keep your messages at 160 characters or less. Naturally, it’s ideal if you allow customers an easy way to opt out of future messages. You will describe this opt-out feature in a message called a STOP message. Keep in mind that your typical STOP message comprises about 21 characters. Typically, you append your stop message to the end of each text. Supposing you want a little extra room, you can send your STOP message in a separate text. However, be aware that this will add to your overall marketing costs. Before investing in an SMS provider, make sure they provide a decent SMS API. With the right SMS API, you can maximize your marketing ROI into the indefinite future. After securing a quality SMS API, you can potentially change the way that people interact with your brand. According to CDYNE, the right bulk text API can “leverage your business’s communication globally without any interruptions.” To successfully leverage text messaging as a marketing channel, you’ll need to have decent customer intelligence.

Over the next few years, companies with up-to-date marketing procedures are best poised to take advantage of the growth of smartphone ownership. Without question, SMS messaging will continue as an important marketing channel.