Frisco TX Legal and Managed Contracts Expert Services Launched

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Intuitive Edge LLC (214-235-7241), an alternative legal services company helping corporations simplify and optimize contracts projects and reduce legal spend utilizing its proprietary Oasis Cycle model. They are headquartered in Frisco, TX, just north of Dallas, TX.

A specialized legal services provider focusing on helping corporation simplify and optimize contracts projects and reduce legal spend. Headquartered in Frisco, just north of Dallas, Intuitive Edge LLC, has announced the launch of its legal services to help corporations optimize their business-to-business contracts and compliance programs.

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With the latest announcement, the company aims to provide expert legal and contracts services for enterprises and small businesses by optimizing managed contracts projects and reducing legal costs. The launch of the Oasis Cycle method minimizes risk while enhancing business relationships with customers and customers’ third parties. Intuitive Edge deploys a dream team co-led by a project manager and attorney lead in order to achieve maximum transparency and efficiency.

The first step in the Oasis Cycle is to get Organized. Many companies that experience growth find it difficult to keep up with contracts documents, amendments, expirations and updates. With Intuitive Edge’s new launch, companies can improve their situation by using its service to organize and track all contracts related to their business.

The next step in the Oasis Cycle is Analysis. Intuitive Edge services will help businesses analyze and assess she gaps in their contracts portfolio. They will then work with its customer to develop a playbook and action plan that will address the gaps and reduce risks.

Once gaps are assessed, the next step is to Standardize and Institutionalize. These steps will ensure maximum efficiency and cooperation among teams and counterparts. Cooperation and collaboration will enhance the ability to achieve terms that are mutually beneficial and faster turnaround times.

The next step in the Oasis Cycle is to Synergize. The process, technology and people will be connected with an approach than enhances relationships. This step is what ultimately creates a high degree of efficiency when it comes to negotiations, exceptions, and executions of contracts.

Intuitive Edge is an alternative legal services provider with a team of professionals made up of project managers, attorneys and contracts professionals. It offers strategic contracts consulting, management, and administration services. Its proprietary Oasis Cycle model guides their work and ensures best possible results. Projects include M&A contract transition services, divestiture transition services, contracts management consulting and other customized contracts or compliance projects.

Interested enterprises or small businesses looking to hire the expert services of Intuitive Edge can contact them to make an appointment.

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