5 Tips to Get Your Business Going Even If You’re Clueless

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(Newswire.net — September 20, 2020) — Starting your own small business from scratch can be a challenging task for someone with no background in business. It can be hard to know where to begin. Thankfully, there are resources for free online that can help you build a basic knowledge about being a business owner. The bad news is, these free options lack the depth or guidance you’ll need. Here are five tips every rookie small business owner needs to know to build their company, properly network, and prosper financially. 

1. Be a part of a community.

Deciding to pursue your own business enterprise can seem daunting. Breaking into the private sector as a female entrepreneur can begin to feel like the odds are against you. How do you network? How do you make a website? What should you sell? What’s the first step to becoming a business owner? What you need is a group of like-minded and motivated female business owners.

Online Women Biz is a woman owned business school that is fully virtual and exclusive to women’s business enterprises. Online Women Biz was created by women entrepreneurs and provides courses for starting your own business from scratch. Because the courses come from experience-based knowledge of the business world, you can be sure the information they provide will help you make smart business decisions. They also provide you access to a community of women business owners with the same goals. With the help of Online Women Biz, small business owners can meet privately with mentors and gain personal insights from people who have been in their position before.

A small business doesn’t get started overnight. You need time to gather the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful. With the help of Online Women Biz you can be confident in your capabilities as a business owner and entrepreneur, and know that you will have a community of empowered businesswomen you cheering you on. 

2. Find your passion.

The startup process can feel overwhelming if you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing. Starting a new business feels less like a business when you are creating products or solving problems that are personally important to you. It also eases the startup process, because you are likely beginning with at least a basic working knowledge of the area you are planning your business around. Sellers often find a broad topic that they are passionate about and design a business plan around this. 

By finding a product or service that you’re passionate about, you can find greater meaning in your work and feel as though you are making an impact on the world. This makes owning your own business even more rewarding. 

3. Don’t be afraid to outsource.

When starting your new business, one of the most complex parts tends to be your finances. Even with a strong business plan, a product or service which you are proud of, and even great employees, managing payroll, taxes, cash flow, and all the other financial elements involved in running your business can be overwhelming. Small business owners will often turn to third-party bookkeepers and CPAs, but outsourcing to several different institutions can be pricey and inefficient. 

Fully Accountable is an ecommerce accounting service that helps small business owners take control of their finances and grow their companies. Their accounting software tracks historical data and gives you financial reports that are updated on a daily basis. Fully Accountable does the work of a personal CPA, bookkeeper, and they also offer CFO services. Rather than outsourcing these tasks to multiple third-party companies, Fully Accountable consolidates these services. Their ecommerce accounting services are currently available to companies in the United States and Canada.

Unlike other third-party accounting services, Fully Accountable is able to work in real-time with your cash flow, payroll, and other expenses to help you optimize your company’s spending and finances. They also offer customized service and payments, so you get only the services you need, and nothing more. This is another way they streamline your business’ spending to save you money and increase your cash flow. 

4. Know your audience and market.

Online sellers especially need to be hyper-aware of their audience. Advertisers online aren’t always cheap and it can take a lot of time and effort to get your social media presence growing. Own your own ecommerce business means you need a greater understanding of an online store and the internet. Learning how to code can be a greatly beneficial skill. You need to know the specific demographic of your business in order to scope out potential customers. The best way to do this is to look at the tools being used by other ecommerce companies in your market or industry. Data is crucial to your ecommerce business, so learn to use it to your advantage. Programming analytics trackers into your website or online store can help pave a path of growth for your ecommerce business and increase outreach to potential customers online.

5. Learn the importance of balance.

The first year of business operations is always the most difficult, especially if you are a first-time business owner. Finding the balance between your life and business is truly the best practice. In order to start a successful business, you need money. To avoid putting yourself at an economic disadvantage, it’s wise to keep your day job while you’re building your own company. 

As an ecommerce business owner you will face many tough decisions, and it’s important to balance passion and logic in your decision-making. If you let your strong emotions about your company, service, or product cloud your decision-making you may not always make the smartest economical choices for your company. By listening to experts in your industry, as well as people close to you, you can begin to make smarter business decisions.