UK Knee And Shoulder Pain Physiotherapists Find A Specialist Platform Launched

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Metyourphysio, a new physiotherapist sourcing online platform in the United Kingdom, is now available for patients looking to find trained professionals who can evaluate and treat their injury, disability, or disease.

Metyourphysio, a new physiotherapist sourcing online platform, has been recently launched. The platform aims to make it easy for patients in the United Kingdom to find a high-profile physiotherapist for their unique needs.

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Physiotherapy benefits people of all ages who suffer from any variety of ailments or injuries. The newly launched Metyourphysio platform can help patients struggling to find a true physiotherapist specialist who is local to them.

Metyourphysio explains that a good physiotherapist is dedicated to helping improve a person’s quality of life through a variety of well-planned and prescribed exercises, hands-on care, and continuous patient education.

The team at Metyourphysio have more than 3 decades of physiotherapy experience. They propose that physiotherapists on the platform will offer 2 or 3 physiotherapy clinics per speciality per location which allows for a healthy competition and less confusion for both patients and physicians.

After finding the right local physiotherapist for them, patients can schedule a consultation. Then, the registered physiotherapist will make an assessment of their pain and their physical capabilities and develop a personalized recovery program that can be adjusted at any time.

They will also teach patients the proper exercise techniques to achieve strength and flexibility in their muscles and joints, and help prevent future injuries from occurring.

The platform sources physiotherapists who can diagnose and treat a wide range of aches and pains, from car accidents to sports injuries, lower back pain, post-surgery stiffness and musculoskeletal conditions. There are strict criteria to feature on their platform and interested physiotherapists are encouraged to apply to be included on this very innovative resource.

With the recent announcement, the team at Metyourphysio strive to help patients gain access to the dedicated physiotherapists who can help them manage, mitigate or even eliminate their pain so that they can get back to enjoying their physical activities.

According to Metyourphysio, “In today’s modern age, it is imperative that patients need transparent information to assimilate before choosing their care provider. Good physiotherapists will only be happy to provide information as it will be a win-win situation.”

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