Houston TX Professional Photographer Leather and Velvet Album Company Launched

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Serendipity Albums has announced its services in Houston, Texas, giving professional photographers a means of maximizing their revenue with custom handcrafted albums to showcase their work.

Serendipity Albums has launched its updated custom leather and velvet album services in Houston, Texas, for professional photographers looking to offer an invaluable product and increase their income by adding an album to their clients’ packages.

More information is available at https://www.salbums.com

The updated services from Serendipity Albums aims to give photographers the ability to offer their clients custom leather and velvet albums that can be used as a keepsake for a wedding or a portrait session. The albums would be cherished by their clients for years to come and they give photographers a means of maximizing their revenue.

Finding ways to improve revenue as a photographer can be difficult, and up-selling following a photo shoot or wedding can be a great way of increasing that revenue. As Serendipity Albums explains, one of the benefits of being a professional photographer is the expertise in knowing how to tell stories with photographs, and this can be done by adding additional album pages during the post sales session to increase profits.

Following a wedding or portrait session, most clients will want to find a means of displaying the photographs and will often look to the photographer for guidance on the best way to do this. Being able to offer professional, handcrafted albums as part of their service, photographers can increase their revenue while providing a high-quality product that meets their customer’s needs.

Based in Houston, Texas, Serendipity Albums is a business to business company, selling their products exclusively to professional photographers and album designers. This exclusivity means that photographers can charge what they feel is reasonable for the albums, without clients knowing how much they cost to make.

The new leather albums created by Serendipity Albums can be made of vintage, luxury, or full-grain Italian leather and feature a high-performance protective coating to ensure the album maintains its look over time. Additionally, the company offers fabric albums consisting of Japanese silk, French velvet, and luxury linen varieties.

The custom albums from Serendipity Albums can also be used as a showcase for a photographer’s work, creating a professional presentation to show clients their portfolio during initial consultations. Further information on how the albums can be used to increase income can be found here, https://www.salbums.com/2016/07/13/boost-your-photography-income.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above, as well as at http://www.wboc.com/story/42268162/handcrafted-photo-albums-photographer-portfolio-custom-service-launched.