Novato CA Shipping And Freight Cost Reduction Strategy Solution Announced

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A new exclusive shipping service, Shipstore, has been announced by Blue Ocean Advisers. The finance and cost-reduction experts have announced this addition as part of their continued commitment to quality service.

James Lamont at Blue Ocean Advisers in Novato, CA, has announced the addition of Shipstore as their exclusive shipping service. This is the latest in a continued effort to help clients reduce expenses and improve their bottom line.

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Blue Ocean Advisers are committed to helping companies meet the challenge of rising costs to achieve their growth goals. Their services are centered on helping clients to reduce spending and ensure strong revenue.

Through the implementation of specialized savings programs, they are able to lower healthcare costs, save on energy, improve income generation while reducing expenses across copier and printer costs, credit card processing, parcel shipping and more.

Shipping provides an important area for businesses to reduce expenses. The new announcement is part of the company’s continued focus on sourcing the best cost-reduction solutions for clients. Shipstore provides a seamless shipping platform that allows clients to implement proven cost-reduction strategies.

Blue Ocean Advisers states that, although a company’s shipping costs may consume 5 to 10% of their annual revenue, few companies have the time or tools to effectively manage this expense. Further compounding this is the fact that the process can often be unnecessarily complicated through the action of shipping carriers.

Blue Ocean Advisers has introduced a cutting-edge shipping execution platform combined with exclusive rates and cost-saving strategies. This fully automated system uses multi-carrier shipping technology to optimize shipments and identify savings.

Shipstore is powered by Smart Technology and reduces overall costs through the modernization of shipping departments and the automation of key processes. The focus with this service is to connect the flow of data to cutting-edge analytics.

Shipstore states: “Fulfillment companies, printers, omnichannel, e-retailers, marketing service providers, manufacturers and distributors all use Shipstore Software.”

The tool provides enhanced visibility of carriers on one screen, which allows for the capturing of business logic and real-time data through the proprietary dashboard. As a direct result of this, clients are better positioned to improve their overall transportation processes.

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