Jacksonville FL Self Defense Merch Selling Guide Fairs Boat Show Released

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Safety Technology has released a guide for its distributors to follow when selling personal safety items like stun guns and mace at a gun or boat show.

A leading wholesaler and drop-shipper of personal safety and self-defense merchandise has released a manual to help their distributors succeed. Safety Technology is the largest online provider of personal safety and self-defense items.

For more information see https://www.safetytechnology.org

The launch of this 93 page manual brings a whole new chapter to the lives of it’s team of distributors. The “Local Marketplace Blueprint – Step-by-step formula to sell safety technology’s high demand products at local marketplace events” is a complete guide to selling products at Gun Shows, Flea Market, Swap Meets, Trade Shows, Boat Shows, And Specialty Market Shows.

This local marketplace blueprint teaches the companies to understand how to successfully make money at these events. Now after 30+ years of working with thousands of Safety Technology Authorized Dealers who sold at local market events, Mike Gravette has created a foolproof blueprint that helps the company’s distributors make money.

Distributors can make a couple of thousand dollars by just working 2-3 days a month or more working 2-3 days each week. Now, new and seasoned distributors have a proven and successful system to sell at local events.

Trends, news events, demographics are all driving the explosive boom in spending on personal and home defense products. The “Local Marketplace Blueprint” brings this market to local distributors who have teamed up with Safety Technology.

The guide covers the step-by-step process to ensure success as a distributor with the company. The steps include pre-show preparation, choosing the first show, and setting up the space to maximize sales.

The Blueprint covers which products to bring, how many, how to quickly understand the products, becoming an expert in the eyes of the customers, and the correct way to display products.

The release of this step-by-step manual now gives distributors a Blueprint to enjoy success with Safety Technology.

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