5 Recent Web Innovations That Changed the World

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(Newswire.net — September 29, 2020) — Technology is advancing at great speeds and at an exponential rate at that – changing the world as we know it more and more each day. Web innovations are such an important part of the tech landscape so keeping up with the ones that are quickly and indefinitely changing our reality is important in order to stay on top of current trends. Super Fast Web Hosting

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Also page speed, apart from being an important SEO ranking factor, can help improve overall user experience and engagement with your website or page. The quicker a page loads the less likely the user is to leave the page thus enhancing the experience and minimizing the bounce rate. Adriaan Brits, the CEO of the Sitetrail Digital Marketing agency explained that “What entrepreneurs need is unbiased reviews that are not influenced by the marketing departments of hosting providers, so that they can make better purchasing decisions. Our research group is out to do just that: to provide the latest global rankings of the best web hosting providers at any point in time, which will dynamically change based on consumer research and AI”.

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Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is already part of almost every facet of our daily interactions with the world and has a major impact on the way customers interact with businesses via intelligent websites and chatbots. These tools are becoming increasingly commoditized and integrated into our daily lives on a personal level but also in the way we do business and communicate with our customers.

Chatbots are changing the way businesses communicate with customers, improving response rates and increasing user engagement compared to more traditional means such as e-mail marketing.

Snatchapp is one of these new AI powered chat apps that are changing the way we connect with other people and businesses around the world. This genius development was made possible by Avi Ben Ezra and his brother Henri, who have spent years at the forefront of AI, automation and telecoms. The app provides secure messaging features and end-to-end encryption on all messages as well as video calls, open source code and a self destructing message feature for optimal user privacy. Snatchapp has uniquely combined user privacy and message security while seamlessly integrating with a Bot Directory via SnatchBot and P2P payment solutions. By integrating the SnatchBot building platform with Snatchapp you are able to create your own chatbot that can be published on all popular messaging apps such as facebook, skype and of course Snatchapp.

Wearable Technology

Wearables refer mainly to activity tracking devices such as fitness apps and health devices that are worn somewhere on your body or close to the surface of your skin many times in the form of a band, bracelet or patch.

They detect, analyze and transmit information via sensors and can be hooked up to your smartphone via bluetooth technology and web applications that you can download for free in order to communicate with your wearable. These gadgets give valuable feedback concerning vital signs such as temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels etc that can prove useful in assessing one’s physical state at any given time.

Most wearables use advanced AI algorithms to assess and analyze biometrics and then send the info to the user’s smartphone via a dedicated app.

The Internet in Entertainment

The internet has changed the way we perceive entertainment, fundamentally changing and challenging the industry structure. From music and books to movies and tv programs, on-demand streaming media services have changed the way people access entertainment content.

Changing the film industry and even challenging movie premieres Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have all changed the way people watch their favorite shows and movies. ITunes, Amazon and Google Play on the other hand have transformed the way we read books and listen to music changing the book and music industry forever.

Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain Technologies are primarily used to increase security and efficiency in online transactions. They are highly secure as they use a P2P network to create a set of blockchains and each new blockchain is sent to everyone in the network thus keeping the process very transparent. Each blockchain contains information from the previous blockchain making it impossible to be tampered with.

Blockchain technology was made more widely known by Bitcoins as this technology was used to create the cryptocurrency back in 2009.

Blockchain technology can have many applications that are aimed at making transactions safer and accounted for. Blockchains are great for keeping track of things over time and you can prove document authenticity as blockchains don’t allow tampering. Blockchain technology can be implemented for keeping medical records or collecting taxes. Also shipping giant Maersk has developed Tradelens which is a blockchain powered platform that aims to transform container logistics by offering a secure audit trail of all transactions. Each user has access to only their shipment information ensuring transparency and accountability.

Some of the above web innovations have already shown us what they can do and others such as blockchain technologies and AI have a lot more to offer the world as we start to apply these technologies to even more aspects of our everyday lives. They all have the potential and dynamic to transform our lives for the better by offering faster, more cost efficient and effective solutions to life’s more conventional problems.